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6 Times Jimmy Kimmel’s Tried To Pull The Wool Over Everyone’s Eyes
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Jimmy Kimmel pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes back in 2013, but we all had a good laugh about it later.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host faked a video where the subject, stuntwoman Daphne Avalon playing a YouTube EveryGirl, twerked so hard she set her buttocks on fire.

It was pure Kimmel circa 2013 – silly, outrageous and unexpected. Who could hold a grudge against the late-night prankster, especially after the clip racked up millions of views in short order?

Turns out Kimmel never stopped pulling the wool over our eyes, but now it’s no laughing matter.

The comic took a hard-left turn in recent years following President Donald Trump’s election, and he’s been serving up Fake News betwixt his angry monologues and fawning celebrity chats.

Most recently, Kimmel aired a selectively edited video designed to humiliate Vice President Mike Pence. Kimmel got caught and served up a snarky mea culpa with about 2 percent raw apology inside.

That’s more than he’s done in the past. He routinely gets away with sharing false information on his show, while the majority of media reporters either silently cheer or ignore his mistakes.

Not here.

Here’s six other times when Kimmel peddled Fake News for all to see … sans consequence, of course.

1. The China “Conspiracy”

Earlier this month Kimmel tried to savage President Trump by weaponizing the country behind the pandemic against him.


Kimmel mocked the President for suggesting a Chinese lab held the key to the flu’s origin.

He is also pushing U.S. Intelligence to find evidence for this theory that the virus was accidentally released from a lab in Wuhan. That’s his new angle to feed the wingnuts, to treat this virus like it was a conspiracy of some kind … Tomorrow he’ll blame the Spanish flu on Antonio Banderas.

It’s almost funny, and it’s likely inaccurate. Many U.S. intelligence agencies say the virus came from that Wuhan lab. That isn’t a conspiracy theory, that’s an opinion rooted in reality.

2. Resistance Fiction 101

The Resistance lives for the kind of conspiracies Trump’s critics routinely pin on him. You won’t find a better example than this March exchange between Kimmel and Vice President Joe Biden.

“Is it possible that Trump could postpone the election? ” Kimmel asked.

“No, he doesn’t have the authority to do that,” Biden said, but added that “it’s possible they may start a drumbeat saying it should be postponed.”

Based on … absolutely nothing. Nada.

3. Schiff over Nunes

Kimmel treats Democrat guests like the Queen of England. They yuk it up, slam the “other” party and make like longtime buddies. That proved embarrassing, in retrospect, when Kimmel groveled before Rep. Adam Schiff while slamming Rep. Devin Nunes earlier this year.

History hasn’t been kind to Schiff regarding the Russian collusion hoax, an understatement for the ages. Remember how many times Schiff said he held proof of the Russia/Trump relationship?

We’re still waiting …

Tell that to Kimmel, who probably doesn’t even regret how he fawned over Schiff or savaged Nunes.

“Devin Nunes, who for whatever reason just kind of came out of nowhere, and really has devoted his life to protecting Donald Trump, for reasons that are unknown to me … “

Kimmel added, “I don’t know if he’s dumb, if he’s evil, if he’s some combination of the two. I’m pretty sure he’s dumb. I won’t speak to evil. But what’s going on there?”

The most embarrassing part? This chat came in February, long after the Russian collusion hoax was partially dismantled by cold, hard facts. The hoax collapsed entirely in recent days, but even then Kimmel should have known better than to stop reading the dated DNC talking points verbatim.

4. Don’t Know Much ‘bout History

Kimmel is no scholar, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about there. He’s a comedian, not a university professor. Still, if you’re going to wade into political waters, you should know some fundamentals.

“Richard Nixon was the last president to be impeached by a ‘witch hunt,’” Kimmel joked at one point, hoping Trump would join that sad list.

Sadly, Kimmel went 0-2 with the gag. President Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached. And, of course, President Bill Clinton got impeached before the Democrats slapped the label on President Trump.

The only shock here? PolitiFact actually called Kimmel to task for the double mistake.

5. The Invisible Mueller Report

Kimmel, like every Hollywood celebrity, knew in their bones the Mueller Report would bounce Trump out of the White House. One star even bought a votive candle with the prosecutor’s mug on it.

Their collective hopes died when the Mueller Report proved a stink bomb, although not as catastrophic as Mueller’s subsequent testimony on the subject.

Still, anyone could pick up their own copy of the Report at following its release. Tell that to Kimmel.

Last June, he invited Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on his show, and the following exchange took place.

“Have you read the Mueller report?” Once Pelosi admitted that she has indeed read the report, Kimmel made a statement that makes one ponder whether he is truly paying attention to anything outside of his liberal bubble or the news in general. “Oh, interesting. I would want to see it, but you know… we haven’t had a chance to see the Mueller report.”

A look at Amazon shows at least one version of the Report came out two months before that Kimmel-Pelosi exchange.

6. Kimmel Has Plenty of Company Here…

You almost want to cut the late night host some slack for this last item.

Kimmel, like so many actual news reporters, took President Trump’s words out of context to pretend he called the Nazis marching in Charlottesville “fine people” following the tragic death of Heather Heyer.

It’s a lie that lives on, even in the Oscar-winning Spike Lee film “BlacKkKlansman.” Still, Kimmel joined the Fake News chorus in spreading the falsehood.

“[The president] is a total disaster … now he does need to go.”

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