The Clinton Foundation Gave $2M To One Of Bill’s Special Friends

The Clinton Foundation reportedly sent $2 million to a company where a special friend of Bill Clinton has a slice of the ownership stake.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in September 2010, former President Bill Clinton personally lobbied for the Clinton Global Initiative–which is a Clinton Foundation program–to give $2 million to the Energy Pioneer Solutions (EPS) company. The Journal has a breakdown of the ownership of the company:

  • 29 percent owned by Scott Kleeb, a former Democratic Nebraska congressional candidate.
  • 29 percent owned by Julie McMahon, who has referred to Bill Clinton as a "family friend."
  • Five percent owned by Andrew Tobias, another close friend of Clinton and the Democratic National Committee treasurer.
  • Five percent owned by Mark Weiner, who has sold campaign goods to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The most interesting name on that list is McMahon, as the New York Post writes that McMahon is rumored to be the woman that Secret Service in the Clinton household nicknamed as the "Energizer" who often visited Clinton when his wife was away. The Secret Service were instructed to simply let her in to the home and noticed that she wore attire that was "revealing."

If the allegation is true about McMahon, then it certainly explains why Clinton not only personally lobbied for the Clinton GlobaI Initiative to give money to EPS, but also why he endorsed the company to receive a federal grant from the Department of Energy. The company received an $812,000 grant in 2010.

The fact that the Clinton Global Initiative gave money to a for-profit company could put the foundation in some legal hot water, as the Internal Revenue Service states on its website: "The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests."

EPS is just one among many examples of how the Clinton Foundation was used as an outlet to enrich the Clintons and their cronies, as other examples include:

  • The Clinton Foundation receiving $145 million from those who were investors in a uranium deal approved by Clinton's State Department.
  • The Clinton Foundation paid longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumental $10,000 a month.
  • During Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, numerous Clinton foundation donors received weapons deals.

The only difference with EPS is that Bill Clinton personally wanted to see a special friend of his get rich through the Clinton Foundation.


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