Justin Kramer is mad that he can’t walk in and use the women’s locker-room at the campus fitness center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Justin, who is a man with a penis, claims he has been discriminated against since he was kicked out of said locker-room. He is now actively looking to change the rules at the university so that others can use private facilities, such as bathrooms and locker-rooms, based on their gender identity over their biology.

Justin, who has since legally changed his name to Justine, is well aware that he doesn’t look like a female (because he isn't) and has not had a sex change, but still believes that he should be allowed into the locker-room of his choice. "At this point I don't look very female," admitted Kramer.

Kramer complained that policy should have allowed him to use the women’s locker-room: "Here they were kicking me out when our interpretation of the policy was this was okay, when according to the Klotsche Center, it wasn't okay,” he said.

Recalling using the sauna in the women’s locker-room back in January, Kramer whined that a woman in the facility questioned his presence there.

"She asked me 'Are you supposed to be in here?' I said yes. She said 'Are you sure?' I said yes, because I was well aware this was a women's locker room," said Kramer.

How dare a woman question the presence of a man in a women’s sauna. The nerve.

TODAY'S TMJ4 reports that the dean of students at the university, Timothy Gordon, explained that the “facility's locker rooms are older and not built to allow maximum privacy. He said he can't talk about specific students, but tells us the university is evaluating a new policy.”

"The focus of that policy is to attempt to provide access to facilities to people based on their gender identity, but also balance the rights of all students who use those facilities," said Gordon.

As you may suspect, policies are already being presented to accommodate gender “identity.”

The current proposal states that “people using facilities of a gender other than the one they were born would have to cover genitalia in the presence of others,” notes TODAY'S TMJ4. “It also allows the family locker room as a gender-neutral facility. It specifies consequences as serious as police action for any harrassment in locker rooms.”

But, at least one facility member, who doesn’t reside in fantasy land, issued a statement of opposition against the nonsensical proposed changes: "I'm frankly shocked that [policies] are being proposed as ‘inclusive’ procedures, and have been vetted by legal," said Cary Gabriel Costello.