Bernie Sanders Knows NOTHING About Israel, Or The Rest Of The World For That Matter

Bumbling buffoon and apparent Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a complete and utter moron. The man doesn’t know a damn thing outside of his pre-scripted talking points about big banks and income inequality. To Sanders, the world is flat; America exists in vacuum, and the Middle East is but a distraction. That’s why he knows nothing about Israel. He knows nothing, because he doesn’t care to know.

After telling the New York Daily News in an interview that the Israeli army had killed 10,000 Gazans during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, he drew scorn from both sides of the aisle demanding that he correct his grossly-inflated numbers. The Atlantic sums up the socialist septuagenarian’s interview with the Daily News as follows: “Throughout his interview, Sanders seemed taken aback when he was pressed on policy—and not just on the matters that are peripheral to his approach, like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or interrogation of detainees, but even on bread-and-butter matters like breaking up the big banks, the Democratic presidential hopeful came across as tentative, unprepared, or unaware.”

Ultimately, Bernie readjusted his assessment of the Israel-Palestine conflict only slightly, admitting to a disturbing level of ignorance. "I did not know the exact number, but it turns out that, according to the United Nations, over 2,000 civilians were killed, and some 10,000 people were wounded,” he squawked. “I think that is, you know, understanding that there was a war, I think that was a disproportionate reaction."

Again, the Democratic candidate got it wrong. Israel Hayom explains:

Sanders is still wrong on the number of Palestinian civilians killed during Operation Protective Edge. According to an Israel Defense Forces analysis, 2,125 Palestinians -- 44% of whom were combatants -- were killed during the 50-day operation in Gaza in July-August 2014. Some 36% of the Palestinian fatalities were civilians, and the status of the other 20% was undetermined.

In a recent interview with Jake Tapper, Bernie again fell face first into a pit of oblivion:

Wobbling between biblical-era populism and pre-lapsarian economic policy, Sage Sanders is an anachronism. It’s almost uncanny watching his blistering sermons about post-industrial global markets on color television. Quite simply, he doesn’t see the world outside of his myopic 1960s "Peace Now" lens. More activist than diplomat, Bernie is still the same kid protesting the War in Vietnam outside of the student library at the University of Chicago. The man’s worldview hasn’t evolved for nearly 50 years. And it shows.

“Sanders has nothing close to a foreign policy,” writes Chris Newton in The Diplomacist, adding:

Bernie Sanders has told the public repeatedly what he is not while failing to offer much in the way of what he is. It seems incumbent upon the broader foreign policy community to help this wayward Vermonter out of his identity crisis. He appears as some sort of progressive dove, espousing what could be taken as a loosely formed Millennial Doctrine – actively diplomatic, wary of involving the United States in any situation which could require the use of force in the future, and quite simply baffled that Great Power politics still exists at all. It is an avoidance of the brutal and unflinching trade-offs of foreign policy and a preference for retrenchment and disengagement. Would Sanders have pressed Khan on East Pakistan, only to see his pleas for mercy ignored and the Chinese refusing to answer his calls? Would he have fiddled while Benghazi burned?

Policy experts of all stripes have slammed the Democratic candidate as a side-show attraction and a court jester despite his popular support. Time and time again, observers have noted his sheer ignorance when it comes to foreign policy. Here’s the Brookings Institute’s Thomas Wright:

In what he describes as the most important speech of his campaign—on Democratic Socialism at Georgetown University in November 2015—Sanders called on the United States to fight terrorism in the same way it waged the Cold War...

It is clear from the speech that Sanders had very little idea what NATO actually is or why it was founded. He was looking for a way to pass the burden of fighting terrorism on to other nations, particularly Muslim nations. Lacking any clear idea as to how to do this, a formal treaty must have seemed as good a way as any. Sanders would surely say that he meant an alliance without a mutual defense pact and without the United States taking the lead. But such an organization currently exists—it is called the counter-ISIS coalition. Presidents Bush and Obama also both sought ways to deepen cooperation with Russia and Arab countries on terrorism without a formal NATO-style alliance, which led to the situation Sanders decries. In any event, the new NATO served its purpose. Sanders could later claim to have given a speech on foreign policy. The specifics of the idea went un-scrutinized.

Sanders likes to pretend the global economy is nothing more than a conspiracy against the little guy. Never mind the fact that free trade has lifted more impoverished countries out of poverty than any other policy in human history. He has the right vibes, though! He’ll lead a revolution, eradicating poverty forever and heralding a manna-filled utopia.

Will he? Hell, no. “He has offered no positive vision for the world economy and sees it as a zero sum game—either American workers’ win or other nations do,” adds Wright. “This is no small matter. As the global economy flirts with recession and a new crisis, this time originating in China, the rest of the world is asking if America can continue to lead or if it is all tapped out.”

From Israel to to NATO, Bernie Sanders has shown a complete lack of understanding or knowledge. The man makes foreign-policy illiterate Donald Trump look like Henry Kissinger, not a small feat.

And he's running for president.

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