BREAKING: Apparently, I'm Now A Social Justice Warrior!

Good news, leftists: I’m now one of you!

That’s according to the genius devotees of alt-right intellectual wreckage-heap Vox Day, who have now compiled a Social Justice Warriors (SJW) list in order “to help SJW-converged organizations locate and identify Social Justice Warriors they wish to hire or otherwise support.” What makes someone an SJW? “Self-identifying as a Social Justice Warrior; Publicly advocating the disemployment or no-platforming of an individual for failing to submit to the SJW Narrative; Being a journalist and publishing articles that support the SJW Narrative or an SJW attack campaign.”

What, exactly, did I do to earn this honored spot alongside such SJWs as Anita Sarkeesian and rape-hoaxer Emma Sulkowicz? In an interview with Dave Rubin, I said this:

It would be idiotic to think otherwise. Of course there are legitimate racists and we should target them and we should find them and we should ruin their careers because racism is unacceptable.

Now, because many alt-righters bear an uncomfortable love for racism, they found this difficult to swallow – I was apparently calling for their firing based on thought! Except that these same alt-righters are apparently incapable of a basic Google search. I have always opposed firing people based on beliefs:

I’ve called for boycotting members of the left for leading boycotts based on beliefs. Here’s what I had to say about Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla Firefox ousted based on his support for traditional marriage in April 2014:

It’s a frightening country to live in when a boycott can be led against you specifically based on your beliefs…The fact that [the left gets] to use this tactic and destroy people’s lives and destroy their businesses because of their political beliefs…they need to be held to their own standard….they’ve now legitimized tactics that I personally find kind of despicable.

I am one of the few commentators who has explicitly opposed the government regulating racist behavior in housing and employment, because I believe the market will punish those who engage in such behavior.

If alt-righters weren’t quite so oversensitive about their idiotic racism, they’d understand a basic distinction I constantly make, between thought and behavior. They can think what they want. They can say what they want. Behavior is a different story. The minute they begin instituting racially-based hiring practices, that calculus changes, and social sanctions are warranted.

So, if that makes me an SJW, I guess I’m an SJW. I have a feeling, however, that the real reason I’m being labeled an SJW is because I refuse to support the alt-right Freudian father figure Donald Trump. Which, of course, means that those promulgating this list are the actual SJWs, attempting to destroy careers based on policing thought.

Or they’re just stupid.

Or both.

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