'Game Of Thrones' Final Season Premiere Melts Internet: Here Are Some Fan Response Highlights

Nathalie Emmanuel, Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner attend the 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 NY Premiere on April 3, 2019 in New York City.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

After eight seasons, HBO's massive hit series will come to its highly anticipated end in the next six weeks, and, unsurprisingly, the response to Sunday's final season premiere was appropriately epic, with fans taking to social media to posts their reactions, memes, and highlights. Below are some highlights from fan reactions, many of which are representative of what others have noted online about key moments from Season 8: Episode 1, as well as excerpts of a few critics' responses. (Warning: some spoilers.)


First, this viral meme of a bunch of fans losing it in public when the show first starts that's popped up everywhere online:

A lot of people got a kick out of this scene, and noted some unfortunate parallels:

As for those missing elephants, Cersei suffered a lot of blowback for that online:

Here's another moment a lot of people couldn't get over:

This line didn't go unnoticed:


Another quote that's gone viral: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

People went nuts over this years-long reunion:

Another reunion that got a lot of attention:

So how do the critics feel about the first episode? Rotten Tomatoes currently gives "Winterfell" a 97% on the Tomatometer and the following concise summary of the critics consensus: "Though surprisingly bloodless, hard-fought reunions, bone-chilling surprises, and a welcome dose of humor help 'Winterfell' set the stage for what should be an epic final season."


A few pull quotes from critics' responses via the review site:

"Thrones" is an unwieldy beast, and it's still possible that the show won't be able to stick the landing. But if the premiere is any guide, like Jon and Daenerys' dizzying date, the remaining five episodes promise to be a genuinely wild ride. —CNN's Brian Lowry

Unlike some previous season openers, which have spent time carefully arranging its players into place, season eight dives headlong into the action. —Daily Telegraph's Jane Mulkerrins

There are still a few narrative shortcuts that undermine the impact of the drama, but it feels like things will kick into high gear now that all the players are in place. —IGN Movies' Laura Prudom

The episode might be full of laughs and warm reunions, but this atrocity, this eerie undead fate, is what all of these characters are facing. It's a good reminder of what is at stake, and frankly, the episode could have used more. —IndieWire's Hanh Nguyen

The writing is fairly blunt, as all the plot strands hurtle towards their respective climaxes, but atmospheric direction by David Nutter and stellar performances from all, particularly John Bradley, anchor the proceedings and give a sense of gravitas. —Film Ink's Anthony O'Connor

This was a thrilling episode with its pedal to the floor, in which new alliances were made, old ones tested and long-awaited reunions occurred (hurrah for Jon and Arya's tenderly scripted meeting). —The Guardian's Sarah Hughes

Kickass team-ups, dragonfire takedowns, and Sansa snark? Wonderful things one and all. But as [it] prepares for the final battle between ice and fire, let's hope it remembers that a spoonful of poison will help the sugar go down. —Rolling Stone's Sean T. Collins

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