WATCH: Jason Whitlock Crushes NBA Player Who Apologizes For White Privilege

"White Jesus nailed himself to a cross, implored his white disciples to do the same ..."

On Monday, veteran NBA player Kyle Korver published a lengthy article in which he spoke of race relations while issuing a heartfelt apology for his white privilege, writing, “I know that, as a white man, I have to hold my fellow white men accountable … As white people, are we guilty of the sins of our forefathers? No, I don’t think so. But are we responsible for them? Yes, I believe we are.”

Korver added:

The fact that black Americans are more than five times as likely to be incarcerated as white Americans is wrong. The fact that black Americans are more than twice as likely to live in poverty as white Americans is wrong. The fact that black unemployment rates nationally are double that of overall unemployment rates is wrong. The fact that black imprisonment rates for drug charges are almost six times higher nationally than white imprisonment rates for drug charges is wrong. The fact that black Americans own approximately one-tenth of the wealth that white Americans own is wrong. The fact that inequality is built so deeply into so many of our most trusted institutions is wrong. And I believe it’s the responsibility of anyone on the privileged end of those inequalities to help make things right.

Appearing on Fox Sorts' "Speak For Yourself," sportswriter Jason Whitlock, who is black, issued a blistering response to Korver, starting, “I’d like to congratulate Utah Jazz guard Kyle Korver on his entry into Woke Heaven.”

Whitlock continued:

Korver walked through the Pearly Gates yesterday shortly after the Players Tribune published his white-privilege manifesto that neatly touched every Silicon Valley-inspired talking point known to man. Blue-checked Twitter lost its mind, hailing Korver’s well-orchestrated word salad as the white man’s letter from a Birmingham jail. According to my well-informed sources, here’s what Korver will find in his woke afterlife: Under the thousands of retweets and likes, a VIP pass to the Shaun King and Deray McKesson meet-and-greet, and a half-dozen almost-version Instagram models.

Whitlock then directly confronted the cult of celebrity that surrounds wokeness:

Here’s what he won’t find in Woke Heaven: solution, equality, or reality. Woke Heaven only exists on social media. The matrix built by the tech companies to dumb the masses to the point that we think that delusional groupthink, spewed by millionaire celebrities and athletes, is courageous, original thought.

Whitlock slammed Korver’s piece as lightweight:

There were no original thoughts in Korver’s piece. It was a collage of everyday Twitter talking points that some people found powerful because they appeared under the byline of a white millionaire basketball player. Some people believe the white man’s ice is cold; I don’t. Korver’s piece was at best a surface-level buzzword critique of the American criminal justice system; at worst, it was a condescending misguided bigotry that argued white men such as Korver must take on the burden of feeling very, very sorry for black people and a responsibility of uplifting us from dire circumstances.

Whitlock concluded:

White Jesus nailed himself to a cross, implored his white disciples to do the same, and predictably, the black Twitter congregation caught the Holy Ghost and began speaking in tongues. We’re suckers for white saviors. Korver’s manifesto was a “Green Book” meets “The White Shadow,” an Oscar-winner and a TV classic rolled into one Player’s Tribune hot take, except no one is getting saved. Korver’s magnum opus is just one more brick along the road paved to Hell by good intentions, virtue-signaling, and racial demagoguery.

Video below:

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