Palestinian 'Moderate' Official Reportedly Compares Palestinian Refugee Camps To Nazi Camps

On Thursday, Jason Greenblatt, assistant to President Trump and Special Representative for International Negotiations, made known a grotesque and nasty comment he said was made by a senior Palestinian official that claimed Palestinians were living in camps similar to Nazi camps.

Rajoub has been portrayed in the West as a “moderate”: witness how the Council on Foreign Relations described him in 2005: “A former national security adviser to Arafat, Rajoub also headed the PSF in the West Bank. He is seen as a pragmatist and moderate who used his forces to clamp down on Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants in 1996 and 1997. … Born near Hebron, Rajoub was arrested at 15 for throwing a grenade at an Israeli convoy and spent seventeen years in an Israeli prison.” In 2001, The New York Times referred to him this way: “… known as one of the more moderate and pragmatic Palestinian officials.”

Yet in July 2012, when an international debate erupted over whether to hold a minute of silence at the 2012 London Olympics to honor the murdered Israeli athletes from the 1972 Munich Olympic games, Rajoub opposed the idea, saying "sports are a bridge for love ... and should not be used for divisiveness and the spread of racism." In 2013, Rajoub said in an interview with Lebanese TV, "Resistance to Israel remains on [Palestinian] agenda ... I mean resistance in all of its forms ... we believe that popular resistance - with all that it entails - is effective and costly to [Israel]."

As John Landa noted in The Times of Israel, “There are presently 58 Palestinian refugee camps. All are located in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank. No such camps are located within, or operated by, Israel. There are presently some 1.8 million Arab citizens living freely within Israel. None live in refugee camps. They vote in Israeli elections and can (and do) serve in the Knesset and on Israel’s highest court.”

Landa continued, “And why, indeed, are there still refugee camps in areas ruled by the Palestinian Authority? Accountability lies not with Israel, but with Palestinian leaders and Arab States. … The refugees are pawns in a campaign to demonize Israel.”

In April 2018, it was reported that the Syrian government had bombed a part of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in southern Damascus, killing roughly 20 people. Israel National News reported, “The Yarmouk ‘refugee camp’ is in fact a sprawling neighborhood at the southern edge of Damascus.”

The death camps operated by the Nazis tortured and murdered millions of Jews, including one million children, in the most brutal organized slaughter of the 20th century. To compare the ghastly nature of the experiments conducted on their prisoners as well as the Nazis' systematic execution of millions of Jews to camps that may indeed be squalid but are, in fact, run by their Arab brethren is little short of monstrous.


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