Spike Lee: Christopher Columbus Was A ‘Terrorist’

"This terrorist sailed the ocean blue"

In promotion of the Oscar-nominated "BlacKkKlansman," acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee called upon America to acknowledge its racist history, citing the "terrorist" Christopher Columbus as an example.

Speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Wednesday, Lee lamented about not having learned the more murky details regarding the pasts of certain revered American figures when he was in school, such as George Washington and Christopher Columbus.

"I also have to say the reason why I’m wearing this hat and pullover is that many years ago the first slaves were brought to this country in Jamestown, Virginia, 1619 and 2019," Lee said. "I think that a lot of people need to know this. Because this is part of American history, which is not all good."

The filmmaker went on to describe Christopher Columbus as a "terrorist" and how America is not honest about its history.

"You know, I think that when I was in public school in Brooklyn, New York, I was not told George Washington owned slaves," he said. "I was told he chopped down the cherry tree and wouldn’t tell a lie. In 1492, this guy, this terrorist sailed the ocean blue. I mean, we have got to start teaching, I feel, my opinion, let’s be honest about our history and let’s move forward. We’re not honest about our history."

As noted by The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles, the Marxist professors of the world have unfairly sullied Christopher Columbus' good name in pursuit of social justice.

Though the Natives undoubtedly experienced cruel treatment at the hands of Spanish Conquistadors, their sins have been falsely attributed to Columbus, according to Stanford professor emerita Carol Delaney. "They are blaming Columbus for the things he didn’t do," she explains. "It was mostly the people who came after, the settlers. I just think he’s been terribly maligned."

The University of Notre Dame recently said it would be covering up murals of Columbus in order to hide the "darker side" of history.

"It is time for the murals to go," read a letter from Notre Dame alumni and employees. "The 12 Luigi Gregori murals have adorned the main hall of Main Building for over 130 years, greeting millions of campus residents and visitors with a highly problematic vision of Western triumphalism, Catholic militarism and an overly romantic notion of American expansion."

In the age of President Trump, the notoriously left-wing Spike Lee has gone off the rails. With the release of his movie "BlacKkKlansman," he even said that Trump gave the greenlight for hate groups like the KKK to run free in America.

"This guy in the White House has given the green light for the Klan, for the alt-right, for the neo-Nazis to come out in the open. There is no need for the so-called dog-whistle anymore, they are in full daylight," Lee said in an interview with The Guardian.

Asked about the future of the U.S., Lee said: "I can’t help thinking it’s going to be ugly. What is really amazing is these House Republicans. How do they sleep at night? They are up there co-signing this hatred."


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