NY Dem Blasts Ocasio-Cortez For Flirting With Anti-Semitism

One New York Democrat, unlike the rest of the Democratic Party, is not afraid to confront neophyte New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over her flirtation with anti-Semites.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind minced no words on Monday blistering Ocasio-Cortez for saying it was an “honor” to speak with openly anti-Semitic British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Hikind not only targeted Ocasio-Cortez, but other Democrats who are embracing anti-Semtitsm, tweeting, “This is nauseating. Is @AOC ignorant and unaware of what @jeremycorbyn stands for, or worse, does she hold the same views? @TheDemocrats are embracing some terrible antisemitic figures that will haunt every single 2020 Dem candidate.”

After a fan of hers mildly criticized her for her remarks about Corbyn, Ocasio Cortez tried to defend herself, tweeting, “Hi @PopChassid - thank you for bringing this to me. We cannot + will not move forward without deep fellowship and leadership with the Jewish community. I’ll have my team reach out.”

Hikind didn’t buy that for a minute, tweeting, “This response doesn’t make @AOC look better but worse. She praises @jeremycorbyn to heavens and then suddenly she’ll seriously think about his antisemitism? Have her team reach out? Deep fellowship? What a load of nonsense! We know the two see eye-to-eye on most matters.”

As long as Ocasio-Cortez was considering it an “honor” to speak with an open anti-Semite like Corbyn, Hikind had a suggestion for her, tweeting, “.‪@IRKhomeini meet ‪@AOC - she would be “delighted” to speak with you and share thoughts about authoritarian socialism. When works best for you? Let’s work this out. Just delightful!”

Hikind concluded by noting that anti-Semitism was now being normalized within the Democratic Party, noting, “We’re watching this unfold in real-time. What started as a small experimental fire is now becoming a wildfire and getting clearly out of control. Antisemitism has been made palpable and in fashion again. That’s by design. Don’t fall into its trap!”

Hikind has been a lonely voice in the Democratic Party fighting against the anti-Semitism that has metastasized within it. In mid-January, he blasted Senator Chuck Schumer, who is Jewish, pointing out that his last name was close to another Hebrew word, “shomer,” which means to guard or keep: “Is it maybe, the ‘Shomer,’ the Watcher of the Jewish people, the minority leader of the United States Senate? Or is it only when it’s a Republican the Democrats speak out? Or is it only when it’s President Trump that the Democratic Party is united to condemn any kind of racism or hatred? What about within the Democratic party?”

Last October, he ripped New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand for associating with anti-Semitic Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour. He asserted, “Senator, you cannot sell out the principles that you have always lived by simply because you want to be president and you have to appeal to people on the extreme Left. When it comes to racism and anti-Semitism, there is no compromising.”

Hikind also attacked the media: “And a note to the media, which plays such a crucial role in our democratic process: When the media does not do its job of taking to task those who are racists and anti-Semites, we help create a new generation of anti-Semites and racists. On the Right. On the Left. It doesn’t matter: a racist and anti-Semite needs to be ostracized, condemned. Period.”


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