Fox News' Bret Baier In Serious Car Crash, Receives Inspiring Response From Fans

On Monday, Fox News anchor Bret Baier and his family were in a serious car crash while driving to the airport after a skiing trip in Montana.

“After a weekend of skiing with my wife and two boys in Montana, driving to the airport Monday morning on icy roads, we were involved in a major car crash,” Baier, said in a statement. “Thanks to a man driving by named Zach who stopped and helped, we were able to climb out of the flipped car. And thanks to the first responders and Montana Highway Patrol – we made it to the hospital quickly.”

Baier said that he is “grateful to all of those who helped us out.”

“My advice to everyone is to always wear your seatbelt and to count your blessings everyday,” he added.

Baier, his wife, his two sons are “banged up, but alive,” Bair added. After the accident, his family was taken to the hospital but all have been released.

As he left the hospital Baier told his followers on Twitter: “Don’t take anything for granted - every day is a blessing - and family is everything,” adding “It’s always good to remind yourself of that - before something does it for you. #countyourblessings.”

Stephen Colbert told his audience on "The Late Show" Monday night about the accident because Baier was supposed to appear on the show on Tuesday night.

"We just found out that [Baier] and his family were in a car accident in Montana," Colbert said, reports Mediate. "Bad, like, jaws of life to get him out of there. They were all in the hospital but they’re going to be OK. And we just want to say: we hope you’re doing better."

"Bret’s message to everyone out there, is: They’re going to be okay, thank you for your thoughts and prayers for him and his family, and please, wear your seatbelt. It makes a difference," Colbert added.

After the news of the car accident broke on Twitter, Baier received hundreds of messages supportive tweets.

"So glad you and your family are ok @BretBaier," Fox News’ correspondent Cheryl Casone tweeted. "Life is precious & should not be taken for granted… prayers for a safe journey home."

The View’s Meghan McCain tweeted, "Thank GOD everyone is okay and alive but this news is still so horrifying."

Baier’s former colleague Megyn Kelly said Baier has "faced down plenty of life’s challenges with class, grit and a sense of humor, and he’ll undoubtedly do the same with this one."

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said he is "Praying my friend @BretBaier and his family makes a full recovery!"

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley told Baier that she was "So sorry for what I know was a traumatic experience," adding, "Thankful you and your family are ok. Prayers going up on a speedy recovery."

Baier is the anchor and executive editor of Fox News’ "Special Report." Earlier this month, he signed a multi-year contract to remain at Fox News.


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