CLASS: Tom Brady Heads To Chiefs' Locker Room After OT Win. The Reason Why Will Begrudgingly Make You A Fan.

"I want to see Patrick."

Although I'm personally a fan of New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, I get the impulse to hate the guy. He's kicked your team's butt on more than several occasions — maybe in heartbreaking two minute-drive fashion — he's married to a supportive, smoking hot Victoria's Secret super model, and he's a handsome freak of nature who models Ugg boots.

Again, I get it.

But put that aside for a moment. Brady showed some impressive class and leadership on Sunday that should be applauded by all — even you Brady-haters.

After pulling off a classic Brady-style overtime win against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night, the legendary quarterback demanded to see 23-year-old rising star Patrick Mahomes, the QB on the opposing team. Brady, as reported by ESPN's Jeff Darlington, made it over to the Chiefs' locker room to speak to Mahomes after their loss.

"Tom Brady just quietly approached a security guard waiting outside the Chiefs’ locker room — and asked if he could see Patrick Mahomes. Brady was escorted into a room where he spoke briefly with him. A very clear display of respect from one incredible quarterback to another," reported Darlington.

Brady spoke to Peter King of Football Morning In America following the game and gave us more insight. King reports:

Brady told team officials after the game, “I want to see Patrick.” Brady was taken through the bowels of Arrowhead Stadium and into the back door of the Chiefs’ locker room, where he became the consoler-in-chief to a kid 18 years his junior … a kid Brady doesn’t know well but knows he’d like a lot.

"I just went and saw him," Brady told King. "I mean, he’s feeling like you think he’d feel when you lose a game like this. It hurts. He’s a hell of a ... I mean, what a great young player. So impressed with his poise, his leadership. He is spectacular."

Brady, now 41, has what some have classified as an “untouchable” legacy; arguably the greatest QB to play the game with at least five Super Bowl wins and now nine Super Bowl appearances. Needless to say, Brady going out of his way to speak to Mahomes must have been a very special moment for the young player just coming off a devastatingly close loss.

Brady later spoke to King about his feelings on heading to a ninth Super Bowl.

"I never imagined any of this, believe me," he said. "This is beyond. I mean, who could ever imagine this? Nine Super Bowls? I just take it for what it is and enjoy it. I love my teammates. I love my coaches. I love my family. It takes a lot of people to support you for all of us. I’m just happy for all of us."

After the game, Mahomes thanked Chief fans for all their support. “Thank you #ChiefsKingdom,” he posted via Twitter. “This hurts now but we will be back love y’all for y’alls support!”

The Patriots will face off against the Los Angeles Rams for Super Bowl LIII in two weeks.


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