Threat Made Against YAF For Sponsoring Shapiro's GWU Speech Tonight

On Thursday morning, on the day of Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro’s speech at George Washington University in Washington D.C., the university’s chapter of Young American’s Foundation, which is sponsoring the speech, posted a picture of a threat made against the organization for having Shapiro speak. YAF captioned the picture, “When you’re so scared of a Conservative speaker that you threaten a student organization? What is wrong with people? Maybe @benshapiro will tell us tonight! We are not intimidated by leftist bullies. @yaf.”

The speech, which kicks off Shapiro’s spring semester of YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series, was sold out 15 minutes after the tickets went on sale. The students who are part of the chapter had their own response:

And Shapiro had his:

YAF slammed the university for its response, writing, “Campus authorities are dismissive of this threat against YAF, reportedly saying it’s ‘most likely not a threat according to DC code.’ Looks like @GWtweets is another school that treats microaggressions as dire but refuses to take seriously threats against conservatives.”

Shapiro’s lectures have been targeted by universities or student groups on campuses before, including the University of Southern California, UCLA, the University of Minnesota, St. Olaf College, the University of California, Merced, the University of Connecticut, Concordia College, Tufts University, the University of California, Berkeley, Northwestern University, DePaul University, and California State University, Los Angeles.

Even the president of the University of California system and the former Secretary of Homeland Security under Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, took a shot at Shapiro after the University of California, Berkeley, spent $600,000 on security when Shapiro spoke there in 2017:

Young America’s Foundation writes of Shapiro’s college lecture tours:

Now more than ever, conservative ideas are in demand on college campuses. And despite the Left’s best efforts, Shapiro continues to reach capacity campus audiences and millions more online. These powerful events are the result of combining Young America’s Foundation’s logistical expertise and financial support with Shapiro’s concise, compelling conservative message. It is a message young people are eager to hear. Because of Mr. Allen’s support, many students who have wanted to host Ben Shapiro, but lacked necessary campus funding, will have the ability to do so. Young America’s Foundation and our vast student network will continue to plan Shapiro’s campus events using our time-tested process to ensure each lecture is a success.

Speaking in January 2018 at the University of Connecticut, Shapiro addressed the polarization consuming America:

I think now, the most common area in which people are finding fulfillment is tribalism, because our sense of community has broken down so much, because religious communities have declined, people don’t see each other as neighbors or friends anymore; we look at the United States and we don’t see a common set of principles that we all hold to.

This is a perfect example tonight, we need probably dozens of security members just for me to talk. We don’t have the same set of values anymore. Because of that, people are filling that hole with tribalism; they’re filling that hole with, “Okay, there’s a bunch of people who look like me and therefore those are my people and I’ll stand up for their interests.”


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