Ben Shapiro And Michelle Fields Speak With Megyn Kelly About Their Resignations

Reporter Michelle Fields and The Daily Wire's editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro joined Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly on Monday to explain their simultaneous resignations from Breitbart News. Their resignations come amid those of four others, the common denominator being a characterization of their former employer as having recently compromised journalistic ethics in order to provide favorable coverage of Donald Trump.

Following the alleged assault directed towards Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Fields said she couldn’t stay with an employer that wouldn’t support her.

“I realized that my company didn’t have my back. I can’t stand with a company that won’t stand for me. [Breitbart News] knew the truth from the very beginning,” said Fields. “[The Trump campaign] embarked on this smear campaign against me. My company knew the truth, and they’re siding with Donald Trump.”

Fields added that her former editor viewed the incident between her and Lewandowski as an opportunity to get more access to Trump, believing that Trump campaign management would now feel compelled to make amends with Breitbart News.

Asked about his reasons for resigning, Shapiro described his disgust with what he described as Breitbart News transferring its loyalty to a political campaign over its own staff.

"I resigned because the fact is that Breitbart has unfortunately become a Trump-Pravda site," said Shapiro. "The problem for me is that once you, as any news or media organization, once your loyalty to a political campaign trumps your loyalty to your own reporters, I'm out. That's not something that I can back. That's not something anybody decent should back. I'm disgusted by the fact that my mentor Andrew Breitbart started this organization to fight bullies, and in my opinion this organization has turned into an organization that actually promotes bullies in order to get close contact with a bullying campaign."

Beyond abandoning his former colleague, Shapiro said, Breitbart went further in promoting a "very poorly-evidenced story" in order to undermine Fields’ credibility.

"The problem for me became absolutely clear when [Breitbart News] decided to abandon their own reporter, and indeed undercut their own reporter," added Shapiro.

"That’s something Andrew Breitbart never would’ve stood for. If Andrew Breitbart were alive today, Andrew Breitbart would’ve been down in Florida getting in Corey Lewandowski’s face and Donald Trump’s face and demanding an apology for Corey Lewandowski grabbing and bruising Michelle," concluded Shapiro.

On the importance of this story, Shapiro reiterated his previous admonitions pertaining to the dangers of Great Man politics as they pertain to Trump.

"The idolatrous worship of the Trump campaign by some people in the media leading to them covering up the truth is a major story. And as you say, I think, it's again a story because the Trump campaign never acknowledges mistakes, never acknowledges their responsibility for violence, never acknowledges anything they do wrong. It's a 'no apologies' campaign. That's why he's popular. But, that does have consequences, and it does have victims. In this case, it's just a bruise on the arm, but, there are other cases where it's more than that," concluded Shapiro.

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