4 Parent Groups Fighting Against Critical Race Theory In Schools
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - MAY 16: Author Nikole Hannah-Jones speaks on stage during the 137th Commencement at Morehouse College on May 16, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)
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Americans on both sides of the aisle hate critical race theory.

One recent poll shows that 73% of American voters oppose teaching that “white people are inherently privileged,” while 69% oppose teaching that “American was founded on racism and remains structurally racist today.”

Nevertheless, Democratic politicians are condemning Republican governors as they sign legislation banning the sociological framework in their states’ education systems. As senior Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo noted, the Left has now “deployed former president Barack Obama to defend, downplay, and deflect from critical race theory.”

“We are making progress,” commented Rufo. “Keep pushing forward.”

Beyond conservative politicians and pundits, the groups most responsible for the progress toward purging critical theory from education systems are led by parents banding together in the interest of their children.

Here are four examples.

Parents Against Critical Theory

A group of parents is organizing to root critical race theory out of Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia.

Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) exists to “educate the public about the radical indoctrination in K-12 and its existential threats” and “mobilize and empower parents all over the country… to organize and become actively involved in the disruption and dismantling of Critical Race Theory.”

In addition to directing toward a glossary of social justice terms so that parents can understand what their children are absorbing through government schools, PACT launched a fundraiser to oppose a group of parents seeking to “expose” other parents who disagree with critical theory. However, after a former Loudoun County School Board Equity Committee member encouraged citizens to report PACT’s fundraiser to GoFundMe, the charity platform caved.

“GoFundMe canceled my campaign because they are weak, afraid to push back, and are unwilling to reach out to the very people running campaigns they shut down because of hysterical activist groups or equity committees,” explained Scott Mineo — the leader of PACT — to The Daily Wire. “What LCPS doesn’t understand is that I’m not going away and I will continue to expose their false narrative.” 

Parents Defending Education

Parents Defending Education is unifying parents across the country to oppose critical theory.

Through “network and coalition building, investigative reporting, litigation, and engagement on local, state, and national policies,” the organization is “fighting indoctrination in the classroom — and for the restoration of a healthy, non-political education for our kids.”

The group built an “IndoctriNation Map,” which allows parents to submit leftist educational materials from their school districts and find other parents in their area who are working against critical theory.

Nicole Neily — the leader of Parents Defending Education who also serves as president of Speech First — explained to The Washington Times that biased education is becoming increasingly ubiquitous across the United States.

“There’s this feeling among some that this is just a New York and California thing, but it’s not; it’s everywhere,” said Neily. “It’s in private schools, parochial schools and red states.”

“If you want to send your kid to Social Justice Country Day, you’re free to do so, but we must do what we can to not allow the imposition of these top-down solutions,” she added.

Alliance to Protect Children

Alliance to Protect Children is tracking legislative proposals in California that exist to push critical race theory and LGBTQ-themed sex education.

The organization suggests that parents campaign in support of particular legislation — such as Senate Bill 217, which would require school districts to specify “how parents and guardians of pupils may inspect the written and audiovisual educational materials used in comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education.” The organization also brings what they view as dangerous bills — such as Assembly Bill 465, which would mandate “at least one hour of instruction in cultural competency” for teachers renewing their licenses — to the public eye.

Alliance to Protect Children’s blog features perspectives from parents and students on the spread of critical theory within California schools. For instance, one seventh grader — whose parents pulled her from a charter school after the state passed new sex education requirements — writes that “what the schools are teaching students is not right or acceptable.”

“Districts in the State are choosing to teach children inappropriate things, such as encouraging kids to be their own boss,” she wrote. “They are telling children they can be a boy or a girl, maybe even both without their parents knowledge and permission.”

Oregonians for Liberty in Education

Oregonians for Liberty in Education are exposing the state government’s efforts to promote critical race theory in schools throughout the state.

The group — which believes “the primary authority and responsibility for a child’s education rests with parents and guardians” — discovered through a public records request that the Oregon Department of Education paid 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones $50,000 from a fund meant to address absenteeism for disadvantaged children. 

On May 7, Hannah-Jones delivered a speech called “1619: Centering Black History and Black Futures in Oregon” to teachers. On May 13, she spoke to teachers on “how the historical events detailed in the 1619 Project can and should inform how we create the conditions of belonging for Black students, families, and educators in Oregon.” The New York Times journalist made $25,000 for each virtual event.

“Diverting funds from ‘Every Day Matters,’ ODE’s program to provide practical solutions to support showing up for school, is concerning,” commented Oregonians for Liberty in Education. “The program provides toolkits for teachers and families so at-risk students can connect to services and learn executive function skills and healthy habits. Is ODE claiming kids will skip school until the New York Times is put in charge of curriculum?”

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