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4 Dumbest Democratic Reactions To Their Stunning Defeat In The Georgia 6th

By  Ben

For eight months since the election, the Democratic Party has teetered on the brink of suicidality. Driven mad by the election of President Trump, they’ve decided to waste their political capital on rumormongering about Trump’s supposed nefarious Russian connections and fulminating about a “stolen election.” They’ve lashed out in rage at the electorate, which they’ve termed racist and sexist and homophobic. They’ve failed to come to grips with the one simple fact that explains why Donald Trump won: Hillary Clinton was the worst candidate in the history of the republic, and the Democrats went all-in for her.

Because Democrats still can’t come to grips with that fact, they’re now applying the same outrage tactics to voters in the Georgia 6th Congressional District that they’ve applied to voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin since November. Never mind that the GA-6 has been Republican for four decades, and that only a bizarre confluence of events even led to the district being competitive. No, 31-year-old ne’er-do-well Jon Ossoff would have won if it weren’t for Republican bigotry.

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