POLL: GOP Women Virtually Unanimous Approving Of Trump

A new poll indicates that the mantra being promulgated after the November elections — that the reason the GOP got shellacked in the House of Representatives was that suburban women simply did not like President Trump —may well be a false claim, and that plenty of suburban women are just fine with the president.

A Fox News poll conducted between December 9 and December 11 found that an astonishing 93% of Republican women approved of Trump, even with his overall approval rating of 46%. The percentage of Republican women who approved of Trump superseded the percentage of Republican men who approved; 85% of men agreed with the women.

As The Wall Street Journal noted, “Republican women outrun men in their support for Mr. Trump on virtually every issue Fox polled.”

In mid-November, a writer for NBC News wrote:

We are living in the year 2018, and the GOP seems to have only just now discovered it has a woman problem. The blue wave of the midterms — substantially propelled by women’s organizing and woman candidates — has left the Republican party scrambling to shore up support among suburban, college-educated women, who seem to be fleeing the party en masse. Yet for a party that has thoroughly and obsessively defined itself based on white male needs and sensibilities for at least a decade, the call to change may be impossible to heed. Times are moving too fast for Republicans to catch up. … There is one big, obvious reason why women are fleeing the Republican party, and it’s currently sitting in the Oval Office: Trump, the big, orange, ugly angry reminder of exactly how much men can get away with.

Former House Majority leader Eric Cantor echoed:

For Republicans, losing the House majority in last week’s midterm elections is a clear demonstration that the party must do more to appeal to suburban voters, especially college-educated women. Once a Republican mainstay, this group has been slowly moving away from us for the past few cycles. The data is indisputable, and Republicans must address it. We need a Republican suburban agenda. There is no doubt that some of the loss in support this year from college-educated women, for example, is a result of the negative opinion these voters have of President Trump.

Of the 93% of women who approved of Trump, 36% “somewhat” approved of him. Only 12% of GOP women believed the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians; 20% of Republican men agreed. A whopping 89% of GOP women approved of Trump’s handling of the economy, although 68% of them were concerned about it. 72% felt 2018 was a good year for them personally; 71% of the women thought 2018 was good for the United States.

Even a substantial number of Democrats agreed that 2018 was a good year; 41% of Democratic men and 31% of Democratic women believed that to be the case.

64% of Republican women felt that the Mueller prosecution will fail to find offenses by Trump criminal or impeachable. 57% of Republican men agreed.


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