Comedian Norm Macdonald Tweets About Christianity And Leftists Can't Handle It

Comedian Norm MacDonald performs on stage at the Saban Community Clinic's 50th Anniversary Dinner Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 13, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Norm Macdonald is probably best known as a comedian, but apparently he's also a deep-thinking philosopher, intent on explaining the decline and fall of Western civilization to the masses. Only Norm Macdonald does it using Twitter.

Thursday morning, he had a message about the Enlightenment that was at once shocking (because it came from Norm Macdonald) and thought-provoking.

Macdonald is obviously alluding to the switch in art from the imitation and depiction of the sacred to the human-focused philosophies of the post-modern world. In the parlance of a Macdonald-era Saturday Night Live sketch, those are some deep thoughts.

But, as most deep thoughts go, Norm's effort at eulogizing Christianity confused and befuddled social media. And leftists, ever-vigilant of the possibility that someone in the entertainment may be turning from "group think," were confused. But also incensed.

Particularly the anti-religious ones.

Of course, most of Norm's critics aren't entirely clear on what the Enlightenment was or who was actually responsible for the advancements they credit to the post-Dark Ages world. Knowledge — and, for that matter, the scientific method — were guarded and developed for centuries by members of religious orders. Modern science and medicine weren't born in France in the mid-1700s.

It got weirder, though.

And then it got woker.

By exposing their own ignorance of the pre-Enlightenment, though, these same critics were proving Macdonald's point that the move away from spiritual thought and deeper meaning has had a deleterious effect on humanity.

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