Protesters Chant ‘Fake News!’ At MSNBC Host During Live Florida Show

Florida is, once again, a mess.

No, we're not talking about @_FloridaMan, the fantastic Twitter feed. It's once again the state's ability to tabulate votes after Election Day.

A week after the election, Republican Rick Scott leads Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson by 0.14% in the U.S. Senate race. In the governor’s race, the tally right now shows Republican former Rep. Ron DeSantis leading Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum by 0.41%. State law requires a machine recount in races where the margin is less than 0.5 percentage points, the Associated Press says.

Both Republicans and Democrats have dispatched lawyers down to the state, just as they did in 2000 when there was a 36-day recount that ended with the Supreme Court ruling that George W. Bush had won the presidency. And, of course, the 24-hour news networks have all stationed reporters down there.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber hosted a live show on Monday from Broward County. Protesters — including supporters of President Trump — gathered and made their voices heard.

“Stop the steal!” the protesters chanted at one point. “Trump! Trump! Trump!” they yelled at another.

"At one point when Melber spoke to Congressman Ted Deutch and said that Trump is lying about voter fraud and undermining the legitimacy of elections, very audible chants of 'fake news' started ringing out," Mediaite reported.

Meanwhile, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is calling for Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes to be removed from her position.

"There is no question that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes failed to comply with Florida law on multiple counts, undermining Floridians’ confidence in our electoral process," Bush wrote on Twitter. "Supervisor Snipes should be removed from her office following the recounts."


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