WATCH: Pamela Anderson RIPS Third-Wave Feminism, #MeToo. Feminists Lose Their Minds.

In a recent interview with "60 Minutes Australia," animal rights activist and former Playboy model Pamela Anderson sparked fury from feminists for daring to criticize third-wave feminism and the #MeToo movement.

Anderson called third-wave feminism a "bore" that "paralyzes men" and suggested women need to have "common sense" when it comes to sexual assault, specifically referencing alleged serial sexual assaulter and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

"I think this feminism can go too far," said Anderson. "I'm a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore. I think it paralyzes men."

"I think that this #MeToo movement is a bit too much for me," she continued. "I'm sorry; I'll probably get killed for saying that."

"You will," the interviewer agreed.

The sex symbol went on to criticize actresses who've accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, opinions similar to those she expressed last December on Megyn Kelly Today.

"My mother taught me don’t go to a hotel with a stranger," she said. "If someone opens the door in a bathrobe and it’s supposed to be a business meeting, maybe I should go with somebody else. I think some things are just common sense."

Anderson then joked, "Or, if you go in, get the job!"

"I'm Canadian, I'm going to speak my mind. I'm sorry, I'm not politically correct," she added.

Feminists were none too pleased about Anderson's remarks. Taking to their keyboards, women scolded Anderson, who was slandered as a "dumb bimbo," for victim-blaming or being "confused" by modern feminism.

"Community organizer" and feminist Gina Brown wrote, "Does this dumb bimbo not know that most sexual assaults are committed by people KNOWN to the victim. It's clear her mother didn't teach her common sense!"

"Pamela Anderson said on 60 Minutes that she's a feminist, but considers third wave feminism to be a bore. Is she more of a fan of the second-wave feminism that would condemn her for praising Playboy and Hugh Hefner as empowering? She seems [very] confused," said freelance writer Cathy Bouris.

The Feminist Report whined, "Pamela Anderson condemning the #MeToo movement is a shame. Such a successful sex symbol should want to fight for other women and should understand the struggle of getting through a sexual assault. This is why we must fight even harder."

"'Feminism Can Go Too Far.' Kind of like plastic surgery? Sorry, [Pamela Anderson], but I'll get my advice elsewhere," mocked another alleged feminist, seemingly oblivious to the irony of her own remarks.

Last year, Anderson told Kelly regarding some #MeToo accusers in Hollywood, "You know what you're getting into if you go to a hotel room alone."

"Don’t go into a hotel room alone," she continued. "If someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave. Things that are common sense. I know Hollywood is very seductive and people want to be famous, and sometimes you think you’re going to be safe with an adult in the room."

As noted by Yahoo! News, Anderson took to her website following backlash she received in December over her Weinstein comments, clarifying, "I'm trying to tell women ... be proactive as an adult who knows better — in defending themselves. Don't get in cars with strangers. ... Don't go to hotel rooms alone for an audition."

"To say I am victim blaming completely misconstrues my point," she added. "Victims are not to blame, they never are. ... Predators are always to blame — solely and entirely. That doesn't mean we can’t take common sense measures to keep ourselves safe and avoid harmful situations."


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