'PATHETIC': Rush Plays Clip Of Obama Taking Credit For Trump’s Booming Economy, Thoroughly Roasts Him

On Monday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh roasted former President Barack Obama for trying to take credit for his successor's booming economy in "pathetic" fashion. Obama made the remarks on Sunday night in Chicago, where he was campaigning for Democrats.

Rush started by knocking Obama for his underwhelming crowd size relative to the typical numbers Trump can pull in.

"By the way, this was another meager crowd," he said. "I mean, they said it was 9,600 people. They said that’s what this place held. It was not full. Obama, the Clintons, they just can't ... they can’t do it. They cannot do what Trump does. They cannot draw crowds. They cannot create excitement. They’re trying. They want in on the action, but they’re not pulling it off."

The host then ran the audio clip of Obama from Sunday night, while occasionally shouting an objection from behind his golden EIB mic (transcript provided by Rushlimbaugh.com):

OBAMA: Democrats had to come in and I had to grab a broom and we had to get a mop and we had to clean up their mess. And it was hard, and it was slow, but we got the economy growing again. And we covered another 20 million folks with health care. And we made sure the wealthiest paid their fair share of taxes. And by the time I left office, wages were rising —


OBAMA: — unemployment had fallen —


OBAMA: — the uninsured rate was falling.


OBAMA: The economy created more jobs over my latest 21 months than it did the 20 months since I’ve left office.

RUSH: No way!

OBAMA: So when you hear the Republicans bragging about how good the economy is right now, where do you think that started?

Rush categorized the weak attempt to steal credit from Trump by Obama as "pathetic."

"What a small-time, small-minded, pathetic attempt!" he shouted. "This guy was telling everybody get used to a flatline economy, get used to the new economy. America's best days were behind us. We hadn’t deserved all those great economies of the past because the Republican tax cuts. We had to pay the bill and all that. He told people jobs were not coming back in Indiana. He said get used to it. Our job here is to manage this new decline."

"He was doing everything he can to dissuade people from thinking there was gonna be a great economy because with his policies there could not be Democrat leftists policies do not, cannot create a growing economy as evidenced by their first priority if they win they’re gonna cancel a tax cut. You can wave good-bye to any of this recovery once they do that. And yet here he is trying to take credit for it," he noted.

"Obama is beside himself," explained Rush. "Remember, he was the messiah."

The big voice, noting how much better off the country is without Obama at the helm, skewered the former president further, again calling him "pathetic."

"This country is so much better off after his eight years, and he sees it, he’s got to try to claim some credit for it, it's just ... It's almost pathetic."

Rush also pushed back on Obama's claim of "fixing" health care. "By the way," he said, "Obama says that we fixed health care, 20 million folks. 20 million people had health care. Nope. It’s only eight million. Eight million people. That’s how many are enrolled in Obamacare. I mean, you can lie and say you brought health care to 20 million people, but it didn't happen. Obama claims the rest of the number, 12 million are on Medicaid, but Medicaid isn’t health insurance. It’s welfare. And we’re not supposed to brag about putting more people on welfare. ... Of course, Obamacare is welfare for the 85% who get subsidizes; so the whole thing was always set up that way."

Before ending the segment Rush revealed why he suspects the mainstream media are suddenly touting Trump's booming economy: immigration.

"The media and the Democrats know immigration is the issue," he said. "It was the issue in 2016 that got Trump elected. It's the issue that is going to service Trump's continuing success in the midterms."

"They're desperate to get Trump to stop talking about it. They want Trump to start talking about the economy," said Rush.

The host said the media were doing this to "bait" Trump into abandoning his immigration message to focus solely on the economy. "They actually think they can bait him. ... They think they have the kind of power, they say they want you to start talking about X, that you will think, 'Ooh. Wow. The media thinks I should be talking about this. Maybe I better.'"

"The media want him to drop all talk of immigration because it's death for the Democrats," Rush concluded.



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