LifeSiteNews Threatened Offline By Its Web-Host Company

"We’re going to have to go through the ordeal and expense of moving server companies"

LifeSiteNews, a pro-life Catholic site with outspoken social conservative views, was threatened to be pushed offline by its web-hosting company on Monday night.

"This is extremely urgent.," the LifeSite Editors said in a statement. "I need to inform you that LifeSite just received an email at 8:30 p.m. EST from our web-hosting company alerting us that they will be taking our website down within 12 hours, if not sooner."

LifeSite received no warning or notice prior to the email and was simply told by the company that they will be implementing the "suspension of services" clause. LifeSite had only 12 hours to move the site to another server.

According to the editors, the company's decision came in response to a "months-long campaign of complaints against us by Adam Flanders," who is a "convicted sex abuser and homosexual activist" with a grudge against the site. More from the statement:

As LifeSite recently reported, he has already succeeded in taking down other pro-family websites by targeting their server companies.

Flanders’ latest complaint is focused on the absurd allegation that LifeSite 'has been implicated in a violent hate crime against a gay man and Catholic church,” and that we “instigated property damage and a physical assault.'

Out of options, the LifeSite editors announced that their only recourse in the meantime is to have their web developer figure out a way for the site to survive while they search for a new home.

"We’re going to have to go through the ordeal and expense of moving server companies," the Editors conclude. "We also intend to fight these attacks, which will carry significant legal costs."

In an update this morning, the editors reported that the site's web developer was successful in keeping LifeSite online should the web-hosting company pull the plug. They are still looking for another home:

Our web developer was up all night implementing temporary measures to keep our site online even if our current web-hosting company followed through on its threat to shut down our services. We are extremely grateful for his hard work on a Saturday night. However, this is only a temporary solution. We are currently looking for a web-hosting company that will not cave to threats of this kind. We are also exploring legal options to combat Adam Flanders' campaign of harassment as well as our web-hosting company's extraordinary decision to give us 12 hours to move our site late on a Saturday evening. We will keep our readers posted.

LifeSiteNews has been hit with an unprecedented number of attacks recently. Just two weeks ago, the socially conservative site had its account temporarily blocked on Twitter due to a four-year-old post about a spike in STDs among homosexual men.

The article in question, "Why HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea are rising among homosexuals," was written in 2014 and focused on statistics provided by the CDC and The New York Times. Four years later, on October 18, the social media giant Twitter locked LifeSiteNews from its account for "hateful conduct."

Steve Jalsevac, co-founder and president of LifeSiteNews, said the ban was "total intolerance" in line with Silicon Valley's "totalitarian mindset."

"This total intolerance for even reporting government health dept statistics that reveal the health dangers of homosexual activity betrays what Peter Thiel, himself a homosexual, previously called a totalitarian mindset in Silicon Valley," said Jalsevac. "Twitter is now trying to force news agencies to report only what is acceptable to their personal, biased views and shutting down balanced, factual reporting on the homosexual issue."

"This is getting dangerous for our democracy since a free press is one of the basic and necessary foundations for a genuinely democratic society," Jalsevac warned. "This is getting scary. It is in everyone’s interest to fight this type of action and even demand government intervention to protect our rights."


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