During the brutal CNN Republican presidential debate Thursday, Ben Carson said that after he criticized Obamacare at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, he was audited for the first time ever by the IRS.

Dr. Carson gained some notoriety back in 2013 when he ripped President Obama's policies while sharing a stage with him at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. During the CNN debate Thursday, Carson — who reminded the moderators several times that he he wasn't getting much of a chance to talk — told the Houston audience that following those famous remarks, the IRS audited him for the first time in his life.

"I never had an audit until I spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast," said Carson. "And then all of the sudden they came in and said, 'We just want to look at your real estate dealings.' And then they didn’t find anything. And then they took a look at the whole year. And they didn’t find anything. And then they looked at the next year and they didn’t find anything. And they won’t find anything…"

The incident, said Carson, is just more proof that we have to "get rid" of the IRS.

"The fact is the IRS is not honest and we have to get rid of them," he concluded.

Here is Carson at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast (partial transcript below):

Partial transcript of his remarks on Obamacare via RCP:

DR. CARSON: What we need to do is come up with something simple. And when I pick up my Bible, you know what I see? I see the fairest individual in the universe, God, and he's given us a system. It's called a tithe.

We don't necessarily have to do 10% but it's the principle. He didn't say if your crops fail, don't give me any tithe or if you have a bumper crop, give me triple tithe. So there must be something inherently fair about proportionality. You make $10 billion, you put in a billion. You make $10 you put in one. Of course you've got to get rid of the loopholes. Some people say, 'Well that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10.' Where does it say you've got to hurt the guy? He just put a billion dollars in the pot. We don't need to hurt him. It's that kind of thinking that has resulted in 602 banks in the Cayman Islands. That money needs to be back here building our infrastructure and creating jobs.


Here's my solution: When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account to which money can be contributed -- pretax -- from the time you're born 'til the time you die. When you die, you can pass it on to your family members, so that when you're 85 years old and you got six diseases, you're not trying to spend up everything. You're happy to pass it on and there's nobody talking about death panels.

Number one. And also, for the people who were indigent who don't have any money we can make contributions to their HSA each month because we already have this huge pot of money. Instead of sending it to some bureaucracy, let's put it in their HSAs. Now they have some control over their own health care.

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