'Woke' Jimmy Kimmel Revives His Misogynistic Kellyanne Conway Puppet Again

"I'm Kellyanne Kanye"

Feminists' silence over woke comedian Jimmy Kimmel's misogynistic treatment of White House advisor Kellyanne Conway is yet more evidence of their hyperpartisan hypocrisy.

On Wednesday night, Kimmel resurrected that disgusting, mangled-face puppet of Conway again, because maligning a conservative woman's appearance passes for humor in leftist circles.

During the three-minute segment, Kimmel interviewed the White House "spokespuppet" on musician Kanye West's visit with President Trump. This time, not only was Conway presented as a mangle-faced airhead, her head was also shaved to fit into her new "rapper" image.

"Are you okay, what happened to your hair?" Kimmel asked the puppet.

The puppet responded, "I'm not Kellyanne Conway anymore. I'm Kellyanne Kanye. We down with Kanye West."

The puppet later reveals that President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has also become a rapper and will be releasing his own album soon.

The Conway puppet first made an appearance on Kimmel in mid-2017 at the height of the Russia collusion investigation. It reared its ugly head once again this past January during the anniversary of President Trump's inauguration. No feminist has called for its removal from the show.

Since President Trump's election, Conway has been mocked in the most "unfeminist" of fashions by self-proclaimed crusaders in the "War on Women." Insults hurled at her range from "Satan's trophy wife" to a female Joseph Goebbels.

The only noted feminist to defend Conway against the barrage of sexist attacks against her is, believe it or not, Lena Dunham.


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