MSNBC Host Suggests Saudis Are Bribing Trump So They Can Assassinate Critics

MSNBC host Chris Hayes suggested on Wednesday that President Donald Trump was being secretly bribed by Saudi Arabia in exchange for allowing them to get away with murdering their critics.

"Would be nice to definitively rule out that the Saudis are paying the president massive bribes in exchange for tacit approval for murdering critics!" Hayes tweeted.

"And it would be easy to do: give Americans some actual transparency into the president’s personal and Trump Org finances," Hayes added.

Hayes offered no evidence to support his wild conspiracy theory, which came in response to the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, "a well-known and well-connected Saudi journalist, self-exiled in the United States, who had for months sounded the alarm over increasingly autocratic moves by the crown prince," the Los Angeles Times reported.

Khashoggi was last seen on October 2 when he entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to pick up some paperwork.

The Times adds that "media reports have cited Turkish investigators as saying they believe he was killed soon after entering the building and his corpse cut to pieces and disposed of by an elite Saudi security team."


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