Feminists Are Going Crazy Over RBG’s Face At The Kavanaugh Ceremony. Just One Problem.

"Woman rising to the occasion. Not so much the men."

Now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court, leftists are looking to Justice Ginsburg as a source of comfort.

Though all of the current justices on the Supreme Court kept their mouths shut during the highly-contentious, often brutal battle over Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, leftists have taken RBG's facial expressions during his swearing-in ceremony as some kind of dog-whistle for her displeasure at the moment. Here's how the feminist hub Bustle put it:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's face during Kavanaugh's swearing-in ceremony did leave many onlookers attempting to decode what, exactly, she was thinking.

Sitting between other members of the Supreme Court, Ginsburg appeared to slightly glower during the ceremony, including during Kavanaugh's speech. People on Twitter were quick to attempt interpreting her expression.

The Twitterverse is now aflame with feminists delighting in their favorite justice's tacit approval of their unease in the face of Kavanaugh's confirmation:

Not to burst their celebratory bubble, but this "What am I doing here?" face is typical of Ginsburg, even when among fellow lefties. Have they forgotten the woman fell asleep at one point during Barack Obama's SOTU address? The photo below of her posing with several feminists at the Sundance Film Festival doesn't exactly scream, "happy to be here, folks."

The truth of the matter means little to feminists, however, who view Ginsburg's seemingly dazed expression, according to Bustle, as a "small catharsis for those who didn't think that he should have been confirmed."

Prior to Kavanaugh's confirmation, Ginsburg did reassure her fans she plans to stay on the bench for at least another five years before retirement.


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