WATCH: Guests On CNN Panel Mock Kanye West For Supporting Trump. Don Lemon Loses It.

“Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read."

On Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight show Tuesday night, two guests on Lemon’s panel took turns mocking rapper Kanye West, who was invited to visit the White House, for his support of President Trump, with one asserting West couldn’t read and the other calling him an “attention whore.”

The male guest started by patronizing, “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read. And we have this now, and now Donald Trump is going to use this and pervert it, and he’s gonna have somebody who can stand with him and take pictures.”

Another male guest raised his eyebrows, prompting Lemon to start laughing uncontrollably, saying, “Just looking at Scott.”

The female guest chimed in, “Listen, black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft, okay? They’ve had it with him. And he’s an attention whore like the president. He’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson; he’s the token Negro of the Trump Administration? This is ridiculous. And no one should be taking Kanye West seriously; he clearly has issues; he’s already been hospitalized …”

In late September, after West delivered an impromptu stream-of-consciousness pro-Trump speech on the “Saturday Night Live” set after the show, Lemon ripped him on CNN, saying, “They don’t let you leave the show until it’s over, and that’s 1 a.m. Eastern; this went on after the show, and people wanted to get up, including us, because we didn’t want to listen to that bulls**t, and they wouldn’t let us out.”


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