TURNOUT WORRIES: Hawaii Democratic Senator Panders To Youth Vote With Incredibly Fawning Tweet

Hawaii Democratic Senator Brian Schatz, in one of the most blatant attempts one could imagine to pander to the youth vote, issued an astonishingly fawning and obsequious tweet on Tuesday, seemingly to bolster the youth vote for Democrats in November:

Schatz was roughly six months late to the party. His icon, former President Barack Obama, whose presidential aspirations were supported by Schatz quite early, beat Schatz in knee-bending to the youth vote roughly six months ago:

At the time, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro took aim at Obama’s tweet:

As the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics reported in 2013, “It’s no mystery why Democrats generally perform better in presidential years while Republicans tend to excel in midterm cycles: Lower midterm turnouts tend to skew the electorate toward older, white and/or more affluent voters.”

With the Kavanaugh hearings having triggered the Republican base to come out in droves in November, it’s no wonder Democrats are worried about the vote, and if they have to pander to young people in order to increase their voter turnout, they’re only too willing to bend their knees.


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