Sen. Cory Gardner’s Wife Allegedly Received ‘Beheading’ Video Prior To Kavanaugh Vote

Jaime Gardner, wife of Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), allegedly "received a graphic text message with a video depicting a beheading" during the Kavanaugh controversy over the weekend, reports Fox News.

Additionally, someone allegedly doxxed several members of Gardner’s family, releasing their addresses.

The Daily Wire spoke with Casey Contres, press secretary to Sen. Gardner, who said that the "U.S. Capitol Police are aware and are involved." When asked when exactly the message was sent, Contres replied: "The text was sent Friday evening — after the procedural vote — before the vote for final passage."

The Denver Post quoted Jeff Hays, the chair of the Colorado GOP, who stated his support for the Gardner family: "Someone who would threaten a man’s family over his political beliefs has to be the lowest form of life." He added, "We want Cory and his wife to know they have our unwavering support in what must be a frightening time."

Gardner has gone on record supporting victims of abuse, stating:

Every victim of abuse, assault, and violence has been through an unspeakable tragedy and we need to do a better job listening to them, ensuring support is available, and fighting to end abuse of any kind. I hope that the partisan divide we all feel today does not hinder the people that have bravely come forward.

Gardner's support for victims of sexual abuse and assault didn’t stop him from voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday, which surely angered those who believe the uncorroborated allegations made against the newly-minted justice by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

This disturbing incident comes on the heels of several members of the United States Senate being doxxed during the Kavanaugh/Blasey Ford hearing. The man believed to be behind the crime, a former Democratic fellow, has been arrested and charged, according to a press release from the Capitol Police.

The Daily Wire reached out to the Capitol Police for more information regarding the incident involving Sen. Gardner’s wife, but as of publication, we have received no response.


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