Sally Kohn Tells Republicans To Stop Worrying So Much About Their Sons Being Falsely Accused. Twitter Slams Her.

CNN commentator Sally Kohn, whose feminist obsession leads her to places heretofore unknown, reached another distant planet in her universe of Saying Things That Are Unhinged, tweeting that Republicans should stop worrying so much that their sons could be falsely accused:

Kohn was apparently reacting to the consistent theme that has been voiced by conservatives that in the wake of the nasty allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, which have elicited no corroborative evidence, their sons, brothers, husbands or fathers could be the innocent targets of unfounded allegations that could ruin those men's lives.

That unison of conservative voices giving voice to the fear of the destruction of due process has affected the political fortunes of Democrats running for office, so perhaps Kohn was reflecting her own fear that Republicans are going to show up at the polls en masse and defy previous expectations that the Democrats would capture the majority in the House of Representatives.

Whatever the reason, Kohn's advice from the world of "reality" was torn apart on Twitter:


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