Blasey Ford's Lawyers: The FBI Didn't Interview Her. The Investigation Doesn't Count.

On Wednesday night, the attorneys for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh who testified in front of the Judiciary Committee, complained that because the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh conducted this week did not include an interview with her, the FBI investigation did not constitute a real investigation. In addition, they hilariously said that witnesses who corroborated her testimony (?) were not interviewed.

This, of course, was all too predictable; the attackers of Judge Kavanaugh have moved the goalposts numerous times to prevent the judge from gaining confirmation to the Supreme Court.

One might think the attorneys would be genuinely concerned about any inquiry the FBI might make into Ford’s own story, since her ex-boyfriend has stated that she did, in fact, communicate with someone as to how to take a lie detector test and Ford testified under oath that she had never done any such thing.

Not only that, but just what corroborating witnesses are they talking about?


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