Barbara Boxer On Kavanaugh: ‘What We Saw Today Is Someone Who You Could Now See Attacking A Woman’

Appearing on MSNBC following the Kavanaugh/Blasey Ford hearing, former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer told Chris Matthews that "what we saw today is someone who you could now see attacking a woman."

MATTHEWS: Where do you see this thing going tonight and tomorrow morning?

BOXER: Well, let me say that it was an exhausting day for everybody, and especially for women who have had this experience, and for women who have had relationships with very angry men. An I think – you know, I’ve listened to your commentary – I think you’re right.

All of a sudden we see a man transformed from a choir boy who, up to now, has said, after hours in front of the committee, he lived this very perfect life, all of a sudden his anger is triggered, and what we saw today is someone who you could now see attacking a woman.

It’s very frightening. And I think your guest, who was so good, and said temperament is so important for who you put on the court. This guy not only showed this belligerent anger, but he had like a personality transformation.


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