Models With Three Breasts Hit Milan Fashion Runways

Fashion designer Giuliano Calza turned heads on Monday when he sent several models featuring a prosthetic third breast down the runway.

Can't picture that? We got you, fam.

Calza's GCDS Spring 2019 show had models wearing tiny neon bralettes with three fake breasts half visible (by the way, GCDS stands for "God Can’t Destroy Streetwear").

"Social media commenters speculated that the look was inspired by a scene from the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall when a similar-looking three-breasted prostitute flashed her chest at the actor’s character," People reported.

Calza, who founded the line in 2015, opened up about the inspiration behind the eye-catching collection to WWD. “We’re a young group here — we’re all under 30 — and I wanted to talk to people our age about the future and get them thinking about plastics, water shortage and the environment,” he said. “Full sustainability is impossible, and I wanted this show to be a wake-up call.”

Huh. So, the future is three breasts? Somebody give Charles Darwin a call.


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