Chuck Grassley's Office: Christine Blasey Ford's Demands In Exchange For Testimony Are 'Non-Starters'

"Senior Senate staffer tells me that both of these are non-starters"

After a week of back and forth will-she-won't-she political games, the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a high school pool party is now saying she will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but only under certain conditions.

The "asks" by her attorney include:

  1. That Kavanaugh not be present during her testimony (he has a constitutional right to do so).
  2. That Kavanaugh give his testimony first (no court of law allows that).
  3. That no outside counsel can question her (allowing senators to grandstand).
  4. That the hearing take place next Thursday, not Monday (delaying the vote closer to October).

According to Chairman Chuck Grassley's staff, these demands are non-starters.

These ridiculous demands that only serve to delay the vote come days after Chuck Grassley's office offered Christine Blasey Ford the chance to give her full testimony under oath either in private interview or public forum. Her attorney, Democrat operative Debra Katz, has made every attempt to stall going forward by first saying her client wanted to be heard and then shifting the goal posts by demanding an FBI investigation (which they won't do).

No reports yet if Chuck Grassley will hold the hearing Monday as promised and force the vote with or without Blasey Ford's testimony. The rumored offer is the testimony will be Wednesday with none of the other demands respected:


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