WALSH: People Are Mad That I Called Chelsea Clinton A Satanist. I'd Like To Issue No Apology.

"Satanism is the deification of the self."

Last week, rabid pro-abortion advocate Chelsea Clinton claimed that it would be "unchristian" to protect babies from being killed. Here's her exact quote, referring to the possibility of overturning Roe: “That’s unconscionable to me, and also, I’m sure that this will unleash another wave of hate in my direction, but as a deeply religious person, it’s also unchristian to me."

On Twitter the next day, I said that it makes sense for her to support child murder as a "religious person" because her religion is satanism. She responded, twice, insisting that she's a "Methodist" who feels that banning abortion would be "awful" and "anathema to her as a person and a Christian."

Now that I've had some time to reflect upon my harsh and insulting words about this woman, I would like to officially not apologize for them. I sincerely believe she is a satanist and my only regret is that I didn't also call her a heretic. "Satanic heretic" would have been a more apt description. And she is far from the only satanic heretic in our culture.

Pro-abortion "Christians" are heretics because they claim a God who endorses violence against children. Well, I suppose that's blasphemy as well as heresy. Perhaps "blasphemous satanic heretic" is the technically correct term, but after a while it just gets redundant. The point is that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Life. He gives life to our children and commands us to care for the precious gift He has bestowed. It is the most twisted kind of heresy to suggest that God may breathe life into your child and then raise no objection if you crush the child's skull and throw his body in a medical waste dumpster. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you," says the Book of Jeremiah. "Children are a gift from the Lord," says Psalm 127.

Pro-abortion "Christians" like to say that the Bible doesn't specifically prohibit abortion. Yes, it does: "Thou shalt not murder" is clear enough. Must Scripture go into specifics about every possible form of murder? There's nothing in the Ten Commandments specifically saying that I can't beat my neighbor to death with a shovel. But I think that scenario fits under the "don't murder" umbrella, as does the direct killing of humans in the womb.

Let us remember, also, that Jesus Christ was Incarnate as an unborn child. He was a "fetus," to use our modern term. A stage of human development cannot be anything less than sacred after the Lord Himself lived through that stage. Christianity is the only religion in the world that believes God Himself was once unborn. For this reason, no religion on Earth is less compatible with abortion than Christianity. You cannot be a pro-abortion Christian. It's like trying to square a circle. It just doesn't work.

Satanism, on the other hand, is deeply compatible with the pro-abortion view. The two go hand-in-hand, a match made in Hell. After all, satanism is not the worship of a diabolical spirit known as Satan. That sort of theological satanism doesn't really exist, or barely exists, in modern society. Even the Church of Satan will tell you they neither believe in, nor worship, the Devil. Rather, they worship what Satan worshiped: the self. Satanism is the deification of the self. It is the belief that the world really does revolve around you, at least as far as you are concerned.

It's not hard to see why satanists not only support abortion but consider it sacramental. Through abortion, a woman places her own comfort and convenience above the life of her child. She declares that her child's very humanity is contingent upon, and subordinate to, her desires. Pro-aborts are quite explicit about this. If you ask them when life begins, they'll tell you it begins whenever the mother wants it to begin. They ascribe Godlike power and authority to the individual. What else can we call this but the deification of the self? It is textbook satanism.

Now, let me stipulate that I am a full proponent of religious freedom. Chelsea Clinton has every right to be a satanist in this country. She can even attend the meetings and the goat sacrifices and whatever else. She can go around all she wants spreading satanic propaganda and advocating passionately for the systematic slaughter of children. That is her right. And it is my right to call her what she is. If she doesn't like to be called a satanist, perhaps she should stop being one.


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