Walmart Shoplifting Spree Turns Deadly

A midnight shoplifting spree at a Maryland Walmart turned deadly when the woman driving the getaway vehicle tragically backed over one of her accomplices before fleeing the scene.

The tragic incident took place at a Walmart in Elkton, Maryland, on Saturday September 8, around 1 a.m., CBS Baltimore reports. Three women, whom police identified as Chermain Mayo, Donisha Harris, and Kaneesha Cunningham, were involved in the ultimately tragic crime.

Seeing the three women exit the Walmart with about $1,000 in merchandise, the Walmart security guard followed them out into the parking lot and attempted to take photos of the license plate of their vehicle, according to reports.

"In an attempt to conceal the tag, the victim, Kaneesha Cunningham, jumped on the trunk of the vehicle and tried to use her body to cover the tag," Police Department Captain Joe Zurolo told CBS (video below).

According to police, while Cunningham was on the back of the vehicle, the driver, Mayo, reversed and hit a curb, which caused Cunningham to become trapped under the car. When Mayo reversed again, she ran over Cunningham.

Mayo and Harris then fled the scene of the crime on foot but were quickly apprehended by authorities.

Cunningham, 38, was pronounced dead on the scene, CBS Baltimore reports.

"For me, it's really sad to see that someone could just dehumanize someone like that and leave the scene," said Capt. Zurolo. "It's crazy, I mean a total disregard of life in my opinion. They didn’t even attempt to at least render air."

Mayo faces negligent manslaughter and negligent auto homicide charges, police say. Harris has been charged with theft.

"No need for it to rise to that level of violence where someone loses their life," said Zurolo. "Totally outrageous."

CBS 13's coverage of the case below:


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