WATCH: Nikki Haley Talks Syrian Red Lines And Punishing The Palestinian Leadership For Bad Behavior

On Wednesday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley appeared on Fox News to speak with anchor Bret Baier about "global hot spots."

While Haley touched on numerous such hot spots, two of her more pointed remarks came when speaking about the Palestinian leadership and Syria.

On the Palestinians (4:10):

BAIER: The Palestinian aid pulled back; the PLO kicked out of Washington. Is there still a hope that by doing the hard-stick approach with the Palestinians, that they’re somehow going to turn around?

HALEY: It’s totally up to the Palestinians at this point. If the leadership of the Palestinians came to the table, automatically, you’re gonna have a peace plan, negotiations are gonna happen. Neither side is gonna like it, but the Palestinians have more to gain than Israel ever will. And so all they have done is had their hand out asking for money, badmouthed the United States, not come to the table on the peace deal. Why would we have a PLO office? Why would we continue to fund the Palestinians?

This isn’t gonna stop our work on the peace deal – we’re moving forward, we’re gonna continue to push it, we’re gonna continue to hope that they see the error of what they’ve done and they come back to the table, and we’ll welcome them when they do.

On Syria (1:53):

BAIER: At the same time, in Syria, this seems like it’s coming to a head in Idlib, and what is the latest? I mean, is there a fear that chemical weapons are gonna be used? Do you really believe that that’s heading down that road?

HALEY: Well, we’ve had three meetings in the Security Council on Syria alone, and one was by all the members of the Security Council trying to ask about what’s gonna happen in Idlib because we all heard the rumors of chemical weapons; we saw the actions that have happened before where they claim it’s the White Helmets or they claim it’s other volunteers that are getting ready to stage some attacks when they actually do it. So, the sternest warnings came down from most members of the Security Council telling them that not just chemical weapons would be addressed by the United States and our allies, but any offensive on the civilian people in Idlib was gonna be dealt with.

BAIER: We’ve seen the president take military action before. If another red line is crossed, is that expected?

HALEY: Well, what we told the Syrians, the Russians, and the Iranians was – look, twice we have warned you not to use chemical weapons, twice you have used it, and twice President Trump has acted. Don't test us again, because I think the odds are very much against them.


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