WATCH: Michael Avenatti Does Fox News Interview. Tucker Carlson Roasts Him.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson humiliated Stormy Daniels' "creepy porn lawyer" — Michael Avenatti — during an interview on Thursday night after weeks of back and forth of them feuding on social media.

The testy interview escalated after a few minutes when Carlson turned the focus to Avenatti's client.

"Why don’t you show some respect to my client and me and stop calling us a 'porn star' and a 'creepy porn lawyer?'" Avenatti said. "If you’ve got that big a problem with porn –– do you have that big a problem with porn?"

"I’m not making fun of, hold on, slow down!" Carlson replied.

"When’s the last time you saw porn?" Avenatti creepily asked.

"Oh, you busted me," Carlson replied. "Actually, maybe humiliation porn. That’s why I watch you on CNN."



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