VIDEO: Clerk Collapses From Dire Medical Episode, Teens Walk Around His Body And Rob Store

It's unclear if the clerk, now on life-support, will make a full recovery.

A convenience store clerk in Washington collapsed from a dire medical episode after confronting two teenage boys for what appears to have been shoplifting. Shocking surveillance footage shows that the teens did not call for help after the clerk collapsed, but walked around his body and robbed the store.

The clerk, a man identified as Zarif Kelada, remains in critical condition on life-support; it's unclear if he will make a full recovery, according to Q13 Fox.

The teenagers seemingly took pepperoni sticks while in the store and began eating them before paying. As Kelada is confronting the two boys about the incident, he collapses into a display of water bottles.

Instead of helping the clerk and calling for medical assistance during those crucial moments after the collapse, the teens repeatedly ignore the suffering man, walking around his body numerous times to steal cash and goods from the establishment.

"While the clerk is on the ground unconscious, the two teenage males exit and enter the store a couple of times stealing merchandise and taking all the money from the cash register," police said, Q13 Fox reports. "While the clerk was on the ground dying, neither of the three subjects who saw him fall to the ground called for help."

Store manager Angela Sharapova said it was hard to even bring herself to watch the disturbing surveillance footage. "It just breaks our hearts," she said. "Now this guy is fighting for his life. He has three little children. He has a stay-at-home wife. We just pray to God that he makes it."

The teens took $178 from the register, said Sharapova, as Kelada was "on the floor in agony."

Thankfully, another customer entered the store minutes later, found the clerk on the floor, made sure 911 was alerted, and performed CPR on Kelada.

"Auburn Police say they've identified all three suspects in the video and thank the public for their help," reports Q13 Fox.

A GoFundMe account for Kelada and his family can be accessed here.



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