Gillette Ad Honors A True Sports Hero: One-Handed Seahawks Player Shaquem Griffin

"Your best never comes easy"

A new ad from Gillette honors a true sports hero: 23-year-old Shaquem Griffin, a linebacker for the the Seattle Seahawks.

While Shaquem's climb to professional linebacker is a great achievement in and of itself, the athlete has defied all odds and expectations by the mere fact he is without a left hand.

At age four, Shaquem had his left hand amputated after having been born with amniotic band syndrome, which severely disrupted the hand's development to the point of causing excruciating pain. As part of its 30-year-old "The Best a Man Can Get" ad campaign, Gillette chose to honor Shaquem for overcoming tremendous adversity.

According to Ad Age, the "Your Best Never Comes Easy" ad shows Shaquem Griffin's rise to success from a young boy to an adult with the help of his father, Terry. Not only does his father teach him backyard football drills but also (since this is a Gillette ad after all) the basics of shaving.

It is truly a pro-father ad.

"Your best never comes easy," the ad states in conclusion. "The best a man can get."

Ad Age reports that "the new TV spot from Grey will be followed by a long-form online-only video next week, combined with a social media, PR and promotional campaign" and is "part of an overall effort aimed at redefining the brand for a new generation."

Brand director Pankaj Bhalla said the Griffin family and their story epitomizes everything "The Best a Man Can Get" campaign means to highlight.

"We were asking ourselves what would be the best way to modernize and redefine 'The Best a Man Can Get?'" Bhalla says. "Once we started to learn about the Griffin family, and what they've gone through ... we knew the story was compelling."


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