WATCH: Police Tow Away BMW Of Couple Behind GoFundMe Account For Homeless Vet

What started off as an inspirational story about a couple selflessly helping a homeless veteran has turned into a disheartening tale of alleged greed and drug abuse complete with police searches and confiscations.

On Thursday, the Courier-Post reported that GoFundMe has assured the currently rehabbing drug addict Johnny Bobbitt that he will receive the full $402,000 raised by the account set up for him by Katelyn McClure and Mark D’Amico after Bobbitt gave his last $20 to help McClure buy some gas when she was stranded in Philadelphia last year.

McClure and D'Amico's lawyer says the couple spent around $200,000 on behalf of Bobbitt, buying him a used vehicle and a trailer and giving him thousands in cash, which the couple says he quickly spent on drugs and gave away to family members. Bobbitt and his lawyer say that McClure and D'Amico gave him around $75,000 as well as the vehicle and the camper, but have since learned that the rest of the money is gone.

Thursday morning, things took an even more serious turn, when police arrived at the house of McClure and D'Amico and left with the couple's new BMW. A local reporter caught the moment on video:

The Courier-Post reports that the Burlington County prosecutor has confirmed that investigators have executed a search warrant "in connection with a criminal investigation" into the case. No charges have yet been filed.

On Wednesday, Judge Paula T. Dow ordered the couple to provide the court documentation of how they spent the money as well as sworn testimony about their actions by Friday, but the couple's lawyer Ernest Badway said his clients intend to plead the Fifth.


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