Was Pope Francis Betting On A Hillary Clinton Presidency?

"He now faces what is, for him, a political fiasco"

That scandal should hit the Vatican in the age of President Trump is more than just a coincidence, according to author Henry Sire, who writes in his book "The Dictator Pope" that Pope Francis put all his political chips down on the pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in 2016 and came up short.

In his book, Sire writes that leading up to 2016, Pope Francis had the "ambition to make himself a political world leader; he set out with a bombastic vision of the 'decadence' of Europe which would be exploited by Latin America to reassert itself, and his dream was to rally the continent to challenge the imperialist dominance of the United States."

One of the Pontiff's chief appointments, Cardinal Pietro Parolin to Vatican secretary of state, was reportedly selected to carry out this political plan, which would later be stifled by the election of President Trump. Basically, if Pope Saint John Paul II worked with Reagan in the fight against Communism, then Pope Francis would work with Hillary to advance the globalist agenda where not recycling your plastic straws is a sin equal to that of killing unborn babies.

"The election of Donald Trump shattered the assumptions on which Francis' political strategy was based," writes Sire. "With all its macho Latin American rhetoric, the plan depended on the presence in the White House of a liberal president willing to abase himself (or herself) to Latin American claims. It collapses before a president whose response to troublemakers beyond the Rio Grande is to build a wall against them."

"That is why in 2016 Pope Francis staked all his chips on a Clinton presidency," Sire continued. "Those around him, beginning with Cardinal Parolin, told him that Donald Trump had no hope of winning, and on Francis' orders the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See helped finance Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign."

During the 2016 campaign, Pope Francis famously showed more hostility to President Trump, who promised a pro-life/pro-religious agenda, than the pro-abortion Hillary Clinton. At one point, the two clashed when the Pope suggested that President Trump is not Christian for seeking to build walls.

"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel," said Pope Francis of President Trump's policies.

The Pope never described Hillary Clinton in such a way, even as she had a representative of NARAL brag about her abortion at the DNC. When asked about how people should vote in the election, the Pope said they should "vote their conscience" and not pro-life. Sire says this was Pope Francis using the power of papal rhetoric for a political agenda, which did not go as planned.

"When Trump won, Francis was furious with his advisors," writes Sire. "This may be one reason why Cardinal Parolin has lost favor: he proved himself fallible on predicting outcomes in the United States, and he has failed to deliver the goods in Latin America."

All of the Pope's political bets have gone south, the book claims, from Brexit to Trump's victory to U.S./Russia relations. Sire goes on: "Germany and France are left huddled together, trying to protect the tatters of the liberal world order, an order in which Francis had wished to cast himself as the high priest. He now faces what is, for him, a political fiasco."


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