The Left Ridiculously Insisted Woman Behind Kavanaugh Signaled 'White Power.' They Should Check These Photos Out.

On Tuesday, leftists concocted the idea that Zina Bash, a former clerk for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, flashed a "white power" hand gesture while she sat behind him at his nomination hearing for the Supreme Court.

The ridiculousness of the accusation was immediately pointed out as it was noted Bash is half-Mexican and half-Jewish, as well as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

The "A-OK" gesture that Bash's hand seemed to make has been propounded as a signal to white supremacists, a claim that was debunked. To see the history of how the gesture became associated with white supremacy, see here.

In the interest of putting what the Left considered Bash's reputedly nefarious action into historical context, let's take a look at famous personages who have also engaged in such a practice, unknowing that they might have been the precursors of the present malignity attached to the gesture.

Here is the rogues' gallery. One never knows how that hand gesture will be interpreted.

Some things aren't funny:

But they can be quite serious:

Or even eye-catching:

Or simply straightforward:

Or menacing:

It's all really a mystery;

But you never know just who might turn up:


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