Ivanka Blasted For Posing With A Christian Minister

"Shame on them"

First Daughter Ivanka Trump committed a leftist cardinal sin by posing alongside a Christian minister who (*gasp*) supports traditional marriage.

Though Ivanka Trump has long postured herself as a supporter of LGBTQ causes and even tweeted in support of Pride Month, she does not live by the leftist creed of shunning those with whom she disagrees. Throughout Donald Trump's presidency, Ivanka has cordially worked alongside conservative Christians and Catholics while showing respect to those "deplorables" that voted her father into office. For that, the Left hates her; they are now spewing venom at her for attending a White House dinner with 100 Evangelical Christian leaders on Monday night, according to HuffPo.

At one point during the dinner on Monday night, Ivanka posed for a photograph with Rev. Jim Garlow, pastor of Skyline Church in La Mesa, California and a man who supports traditional marriage. When the photo posted to social media, Jeremy Hooper, founder of the site Good as You, pounced on the opportunity to incite a Twitter mob.

As noted by HuffPo, Ivanka took flack from LGBTQ advocates earlier this year when she donated to a church in Texas that was helping to unite separated migrant families. The advocates were outraged that the pastor was a vocal supporter of traditional marriage.


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