New L.A. Art Installation Portrays Donald Trump As A 'Killer Clown'

The "naked" clown Trump is scaring drivers in California.

The artist collective "Indecline," which has been "resisting" President Donald Trump with naked statues since late 2017, is celebrating their one year anniversary with a billboard placed high above Los Angeles showing a naked Donald Trump in clown makeup in front of a famous quote from serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

The billboard appeared Friday morning, subjecting L.A. commuters to the day-ruining visual of a naked Trump decked out in clown makeup hundreds of feet overhead. The larger-than-live-size clown Trump stood in front of a billboard with the words, "You know, a clown can get away with murder," scrawled across it.

The installation is called, creatively, "The Emperor Has No Balls."

Gacy, who is believed to have raped and murdered dozens of young men in the late 1970s and early 1980s, worked briefly as a children's party clown and used the quip to describe how his calm and often outgoing demeanor helped disguise his true self.

"Human rights, environmental protections, freedom of the press – which we’ve seen this week — civil decency," a representative for Indecline told Rolling Stone magazine. "These things are fundamentally necessary for a functioning democracy. So we would totally liken him to a serial killer."

Las Vegas based Indecline hasn't made much progress in ending Donald Trump's presidency, but they have made a little cash. Last year, they positioned life-sized "Naked Trump" statues in parks across the country, hoping to call attention to Trump's diminutive . . . er . . . digits. Some of those statues have sold to private collectors for up to $28,000 at auction.

That money reportedly helped finance another Trump-related "guerilla art project" — turning a suite at the Trump International Hotel and Tower into a makeshift "jail cell" where an imprisoned Trump impersonator showed off to invited journalists.

Donald Trump has not expressed an opinion on the installation, which was removed late Friday.


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