Glenn Close On Trans Role Outrage: ‘Anyone Should Be Able To Play Anyone’

"Acting is a craft"

Trigger warning: Glenn Close just upset SJW activists everywhere by giving the green light to cis-gendered actors and actresses playing transgender roles.

In response to the "controversy" over actress Scarlett Johansson being bullied out of playing a trans man in the film "Rub & Tug," Glenn Close told the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's podcast, The HFPA in Conversation, that "anyone should be able to play anyone."

While Close understands that transgender actors feel snubbed, she ultimately feels that producers "should have the opportunity to cast the best person."

"Acting is a craft," Close said. "I personally think that anyone should be able to play anyone."

"To me that's the real thing, that everybody could play everybody. But I understand why they are so passionate, because this hasn't happened."

Close, of course, speaks from personal experience being that she played a woman masquerading as a man in the 2011 film "Albert Nobbs" (for which she received an Oscar nomination). She, however, has never claimed the character was transgender, only that she dressed as a man to get ahead in 19th-century society.

"Some people think she's trans or she's a lesbian, but she's neither of those things," Close said of the role. "I always thought of her as a woman who is in disguise."

"I never thought of her as a guy and I never thought of her as trying to be a guy. I think she changed her voice just to blend in. What she would have been if she had a loving relationship? I don't know."


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