Here's The 'Reprehensible' Trump-Killing Pearl Jam Poster Causing A Stir

"Y'all Know The Deal, We're at a Tipping Point, And Its Time For Action."

A poster promoting Pearl Jam's fundraising concert for Democratic Sen. Jon Tester at the University of Montana campus on Monday is turning heads for its "reprehensible" depiction of a dead President Trump on the lawn of a flame-engulfed White House.

For the concert, held at Washington-Grizzly Stadium, Pearl Jam partnered with the Montana Democrat to provide students the "Rock on Jon" deal: if they donated to Tester's campaign, they got a ticket to the show and a pass to a fundraising event with Tester and Pearl Jam bassist, Jeff Ament.

The poster advertising the "Rock on Jon" event was a collaboration between Ament and artist Bobby Draws Skullz. In a letter penned by Ament obtained by KGVO, the bassist provided a rough sketch of the provocative image and the following political poem:

D.C. Burning Tester Evel Knievel on Tractor...
Over The Cesspool Below
Russian Money, Golf courses, Hookers?
Maryland Matt Stars N Strips As Flames
Y'all Know The Deal, We're at a Tipping Point, And Its Time For Action.
Jon Tester is the Real Deal and Nobody cares More About our Country And Especially Montana.
So Here We Are...
This was a Fun Collab With One Of My Favorite Artists, Bobby Draws Skulls.
He Killed It!
-Jeff Ament

Pearl Jam proudly tweeted out an image of the poster:

In the poster, the skeletal remains of a President Trump, iconic hair mostly intact, reaches for a briefcase marked with the Russian hammer and sickle. A bald eagle eats Trump's rotting flesh. Behind the decaying Trump is a burning White House.

Also depicted in the image are Jon Tester and his Republican opponent, "Maryland Matt" Rosendale, who has a lobster claw for a hand and waves a Maryland flag. Tester is portrayed heroically leaping over the nightmarish scene in a tractor, Evel Knievel-style. A scruffy hillbilly in the bottom left corner holds what appears to be a U.S. Constitution with a "2nd" visible, referencing the Second Amendment. The macabre image is framed by the giant initials of the band: "P" and "J."

Here's a closer look:

The Rosendale Campaign was more than happy to offer some comments. "The depiction of the skeletal remains of President Trump and a burning White House is reprehensible and shows just how completely unhinged and radicalized the far-left has become," said a spokesman, KGVO reports.

During the concert Monday, lead singer Eddie Vedder took a break from performing the band's decades-old hits to go full Trump by touting the crowd size. Well, sort of.

"There is one crowd size that we would be proud of, and that we would brag about," Vedder told the crowd, the Washington Examiner reports. "And that is if the state of Montana had the largest youth vote, the largest crowd, that came together in this upcoming election. That I would brag about all (expletive) day."

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