Trump Goes OFF On Fired Agent Strzok, FBI: This Investigation 'Is A Fraud'!

Continuing his year-long denunciation of the Mueller investigation on Tuesday, President Trump took to Twitter to livetweet Fox & Friends. There, he laid out his perception of the case:

So, the theory seems to be something like this: Strzok, who hated Trump, initiated the investigation against Russian election interference for political reasons; he, along with Bruce Ohr, attempted to utilize the resources of the DOJ and the FBI to leverage against candidate Trump and then President-Elect Trump.

So, how accurate is that? According to House Intelligence Committee Republicans, the Russian interference investigation was launched on the back of information from an Australian diplomat that low-level Trump aide George Papadopoulos was going around bragging about his connections with people he believed were connected with the Russian government, and who were supposedly prepared to hand him damning election information on Hillary Clinton. Strzok was staffed on the Russian election interference investigation, but we don’t know if he “initiated” it. Furthermore, the accusations regarding Glenn Simpson and Bruce Ohr didn’t demonstratively have a significant impact on the course of the investigation. They may well have — we just don’t know yet.

So, is Trump right? He could be. But we’re still awaiting the Department of Justice Inspector General report on the Russian investigation. Until we know how much of a role Strzok played in starting the investigation — and how much of a role Bruce Ohr had in affecting it — we’re not going to know whether Trump is right.

Trump isn’t wrong to be suspicious. But we need more evidence before suggesting that the entire upper echelon of the FBI was co-opted by Strzok and Ohr.


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