Democratic District Attorney Slams Elizabeth Warren For Criminal Justice Remarks

The president of the National District Attorneys Association criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in a Facebook post for espousing “uninformed rhetoric” about the criminal justice system.

Jonathan Blodgett, who is also the District Attorney of Essex County in Massachusetts, responded to Warren’s remarks from last week where she deemed the criminal justice system “racist ... front to back."

Blodgett, who is also a Democrat, claimed he contacted Warren and hopes to discuss her comment which he claimed “not only over-simplified and misrepresented the challenges associated with criminal justice but also hinder any meaningful discussion on how to ensure that the system continues to reflect the values of our communities.”

Blodgett acknowledges that the system could be improved but said, “If Ms. Warren is really serious about improving the criminal justice system for all, including victims, I encourage her to reach out to people like prosecutors, who are working in the system today.”

“The uninformed rhetoric she espouses is not helpful to those of us working tirelessly to build trust and improve relationships with our communities,” he concludes.

Warren was also criticized for her remarks by a men at her town hall, Yarmouth Police Chief Frank G. Frederickson and Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association President Steven J. Wojnar.

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