In case you missed it, the Democrats have returned to being the party of the criminal.

In the aftermath of Ronald Reagan’s massive victories in 1980 and 1984, and George H.W. Bush’s massive victory over soft-on-crime Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis in 1988, Democrats rethought their warmth for criminals of all strips. Bill Clinton ran in 1992 as a tough on crime candidate. Early in his presidency, Clinton signed a crime bill that expanded use of the death penalty and prison sentences. That bill received virtually unanimous Democratic support in the Senate.

How times have changed.

Today, Hillary Clinton met with “Black Lives Matter” activists – the same activists who routinely call for shorter prison sentences and less law enforcement across the country, and decry police as racist. Last time Hillary met with BLM protesters, she told them that her husband’s crime policies may not be calibrated to the needs of the moment. This time, Hillary will meet with radical activist Deray McKesson.

McKesson has been appointed a “great leader” by the left. His leadership, thus far, has accomplished nothing but incentivizing police to avoid fighting criminality, and incentivizing criminals to attack police officers.

McKesson recently taught a class at Yale University based on his vast experience as a professional victim. In that class, he reportedly assigned an article titled “In Defense of Looting.” McKesson routinely lies about criminal activities by black thugs like Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Missouri man who strong-armed robbed a store before attempting to take a gun off of a police officer; Brown, said McKesson, was still victimized by the officer who shot him. McKesson has also falsely accused police of killing Sandra Bland, who committed suicide, and waiting for an hour to administer aid to 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot by police in Cleveland. He has tweeted idiocies attributing police protection of racist terrorist mass shooter Dylann Storm Roof to “whiteness,” even though the police protect all high-profile criminal suspects. When members of the South Carolina community began the hashtag #GoHomeDeray to try and keep the race-baiter out after the Charleston massacre, McKesson accused everyone in the community of “white supremacy.”

Good thing Hillary Clinton isn’t a member of that “white supremacist” conspiracy. After all, she’s a Democrat.

The new Democratic Party looks a lot like the old Democratic Party, and the results can be seen on the streets of major Democrat-governed cities across America.